Reflection has been defined as “the fixing of thoughts on something; careful consideration.” Day 4 of Rah Digga’s diary finds the artist going back into her memory bank and reminiscing on a signature cut that she continues on her upcoming release Classic. Began during her Flipmode run, the idea for “Straight Spittin” orginated from an idea inspired by a legendary Hip Hop duo and became a staple on many of her future recordings.  Encouraged by the reception to her latest version of “Straight Spittin”, Rah offers up advice gratis to her sisterhood of female emcees when it comes to figuring out which direction to go when it comes to making their unique voices appealing to labels and fans.  Shed the gear, spit hard, and the love will come. 

“SoooooStraight Spittin 4″ came out this week..and the crowd goes wild. *cheers cheers* As every true Rah Digga fan knows, I do a “Straight Spittin” for all of my projects. It is something I adopted from EPMD (Hey E Double, you still owe me a beat!) when they created the “Jane” series. The first one appeared on the Flipmode Imperial album produced by DJ Tony Touch as a crew-cut, and then I just ran with it. The second appeared on Dirty Harriet produced by my dear ol’ Nottz and the third (that was my shiiiiiitt!!) appeared on the unreleased Everything Is A Story. Don’t ask what happened to that album. I left it floating around the Internet somewhere… [Laughs] Let’s just say J Records happened and move on. Anywho, it was always my plan to get to Ppart 10 and then release all of them as their own greatest hits compilation. Six more projects to go then. Never know, may get to Part 7 as early as next year!

People have been hitting me up on Twitter since it dropped and everyone is like ‘Wow, I miss females rapping like this!’ I even had one comment say, ‘Now I can remove a certain musical remake mishap from my head and enjoy your straight spittin” and it actually made me feel good. In my defense I will say I was proud of my tribute to the Jersey House scene but at the end of the day, people just want ‘spittin” from Rah Digga and they will not hesitate to let me know it. Just lets me know that what I’m doing with this album is not in vain and there are people that genuinely appreciate the art of lyricism. And everyone wants to ask the question where did all the females go? The answer is really simple. To all my female counterparts (I will NEVER use the word ‘femcee’) forget scratchin’ your heads trying to figure out what your image should be now or with whom you should collaborate or which producer’s got the ‘at this moment’ sound you need for your ‘hit record.’ Put your war paint on, pull your hair back, earrings off, roll your sleeves up and RHYME HARD! Remember how you were when you first came out and take it back to basics with your RAW rhymin and the people will adore you once more. It will work for each and everyone of you (YOU TOO LAURYN!!). That advice is on the house ladies!”

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Rah Digga’s sophomore album Classic produced by the legendary Nottz will be in stores September 14, 2010 celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Dirty Harriet.