On day two of HipHopDX’s diary series with Rah Digga we find out that the lady loves her family.  In case you didn’t know, outside of the music, Rah is a devoted mother and a woman that loves her people.  Coming in from her day and catching (again) the tail end of the recent airing of BET’s My Mic Sounds Nice: The Truth About Women and Hip Hop got her thoughts going to say the least. Lucky for us, we get a first dibs on what Rah Digga thought about the documentary, who she thinks they left out, and what they could have done better.  Of course never one to disappoint her fans, Rah drops a surprise on readers that will clue you in on her upcoming album “Classic”.

“Day 2 of the countdown begins with a road-trip to a family reunion. Anybody who follows me on Twitter (@TheRealRahDigga) got to read a play by play version of events and now I’m back home and back to work. FYI folks, if you ever wanna hurry up and end some grown folks lingerin’ about just let the kids take over the music…Nuff said…

I got in just in time to catch the tail end of ‘My Mic Sounds Nice’ documentary although I saw it when it first premiered my feelings are honestly mixed. I mean, I don’t know about yall but I thought the biggest draw was the lineup of females participating and I in turn thought I would have heard more of our stories in addition to the usual suspects. Like maybe how I got my deal rapping eight months pregnant, had already appeared on The Fugees album (Lauryn Hill collab, been there, done that) or how I beat the streets with my Jersey crew Outsidaz (Eminem being a member as well) before I became the stereotypical ‘industry chick in the clique.’ It was nice of them to throw in ‘the underground’ girls at the end though. The funny part is there are tons of females that have been rockin’ for over a decade i.e. Jean Grae, Tiye Phoenix, Invincible, and countless others who are successful in their own right. I personally woulda loved to hear their stories as well. No mentions of T-Love, Shawnna (one of my personal faves), Heather B or Paula Perry or Bahamadia either…I see you ladies! Everyone seems to think females decided to rap ‘again’ due to the emergence of Nicki Minaj and that was the perfect opportunity to help dispel some of those notions and they didn’t. It basically concluded with ‘the fate of the female emcee lies in one person’s hands, we’ll just have to wait to see the numbers.’ In all fairness to BET I will say it is a story that can’t be told in an hour but thanks a lot for reaffirming that the days of the MC Lytes and Queen Latifahs being ‘successful’ are over and female rappers have to sell T&A and be cosigned by a dude in order to get the accolades they deserve. R.I.P. MC Trouble.

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With having said all of that my next entries will be devoted to breakin’ down some songs on classic. That should be fun sharing with y’all the thought process that went into each song, huh? Let’s go!

Rah Digga’s sophomore album Classic produced by the legendary Nottz will be in stores September 14, 2010 celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Dirty Harriet.

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