Earlier this year KRS One says Funk Flex took $40 grand from him then only played his song once, then Nas accused him and Hot 97 of taking payola of airplay. Later Easki made a song called “Manuscript” talking about much of the same. Now the newest peg against Flex is an open letter making it’s way around websites and newsletters. The anonymous author claims to know the inner-working of Flex’s dirty business. Here is an excerpt from the letter:

Unless you are a hermit I’m sure all of you have heard of DJ FunkMaster Flex who spins 5 Nights a week on New York’s Hot 97. He is also the owner of Franchise Marketing and Big Dawg Record Pool.

Franchise Marketing is a music promotion company that gets paid by labels like Bad Boy, Def Jam, Ruff Ryder, Rock-A-Fella, Murder Inc, Cash Money, Arista, J, Universal and No Limit to promote records to Radio DJs like FunkMaster Flex and his crew of 25 radio DJs to convince them that a record is hot…

…The United States Federal Government has a law called payola which simply means that it’s highly illegal for a Radio DJ, Programmer or Radio Station to play records that have been paid for by a record company, manager, producer or artist.

If you’re like myself and listen to DJ FunkMaster Flex show you’d realize that he’ll play the same record over and over proclaiming how hot the record is. If you were to research the hot record he’s so excited about then you’d find out that this record has been presented to him by Franchise Marketing.

This means DJ FunkMaster Flex is breaking a FEDERAL LAW and could be imprisoned like four of his former clients for 25 Years. How I know this is because I infiltrated his organization and collected enough evidence to put him and 25 other famous Radio DJ’s away for a very long time.Now why would I do such a thing is because I am a patriot of the hip-hop nation and Mr. Aston Taylor (FunkMaster Flex) is a traitor to us all.

If you are an intelligent person you’d realize how powerful hip-hop is. Thanks to hip-hop people of all walks of life have come together and come to recognize who our oppressors are. This an open declaration of war against payola because I want FunkMaster Flex to use his limited power for good by opening his playlists to great hip-hop artists like the following:

The Roots, Common, Q-tip, Talib Kweli, Dilated Peoples, Peoples Under The Stairs, Pete Rock, Black Eyed Peas, De La Soul, Spooks, 4th Avenue Jones, Defari, El The Sensei, Life Savas, Blackalicous, Lexicon, Mr. Lif, Mos Def, J-Live, Lyrics Born, Public Enemy, Slum Village etc. And other hip artists who are make great hip-hop music. FunkMaster Flex has 20 hours a week of airtime for his show. I strongly suggest that he and his DJs remind themselves of why they became Hip-Hop DJ’s in the first place….