After making stops at the headquarters of Twitter, Facebook and XXL magazine, Chicago rapper/producer Kanye West ended his week by talking to Rolling Stone magazine about his latest album. 

Explaining the new direction he plans to take, West stated, “Everyone says all great art comes from pain, but I think my greatest art comes from excitement and joy. It’s a completely different perspective about being extremely excited about stuff that is only cool to me.” With joy and pain in mind, Ye’ continued, “It was important to find out a way to bring these two things together and not be limited by the art form of Rap, but to have Rap bring it to another level.”

Kanye West went on to describe the pressure of putting out music on a large scale that likewise can elicit positive change. “It takes so much for me or an Eminem to come back and embrace [it] and say, ‘You know what? We have to deliver this on a major level to make a difference.’ It’s just such a shame that all of your favorite artists are so underground. It’s not cool for no one to hear shit anymore.”

As an artist who time and time again has spoken up on his own beliefs, Kanye added, “Who would really put their life on the line for what they really believe in; who would make a sacrifice?”

Kanye West’s fifth studio album is expected sometime this year, though a September 14 release date has yet to be confirmed.