In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Kanye West, Kid Cudi and Big Sean may be dropping their respective albums on the same day – September 14.

The news came from Andre Harrell’s Twitter account [@iamAndreHarrell], as the music executive wrote, “went to kanye[‘s] new soho [lair] to here [sic] his album,the college drop out has graduated n [sic] To full grown rap star. black strong .Sept 14 yazee!!!”

Minutes later, Harrell added that Cudi’s follow-up to Man on the Moon would join Kanye’s Good Ass Job in dropping on the aforementioned date. “I herd [sic] kid cudi modern abstract funky Moon man 2 album also due sept 14thHe’s [sic] bringing funky groove music backHey ho! hey ho!”

Upcoming DXNext artist Big Sean later confirmed the release dates on his Twitter account [@Big_Sean], adding that his own album would drop as well.

“September 14, 2010 My album Finally Famous x Kanye West album Good Ass Job x Kid Cudi album Man on the Moon pt 2 RT #GOODMUSIC,” wrote the young rapper.