In a rare interview with LA Weekly, producer Madlib revealed that rapper Kanye West has put five Madlib beats on hold for his upcoming album Good Ass Job.

Madlib did not reveal any other info on the tracks West requested.

In the interview Madlib also spoke on the late J Dilla and the comparisons some say the two producers share.

“Dilla was a John Coltrane–type dude. He was always on a higher level than me,” Madlib explained. “He inspired my music to become looser and more soulful. If you look at our beat tapes, you can see when I went in his direction, and when he went in mine.”

The LA Weekly piece also included quotes from artists close to Madlib including rapper Guilty Simpson who spoke briefly on Madlib’s overwhelming collection of records.

“He has records from almost every nation,” said Guilty Simpson. “He doesn’t just buy them to sample. He wants to understand each song. He doesn’t need to know the language to realize musicality.”

Earlier this year, Madlib has already released half a dozen albums this year, most notably OJ Simpson with Guilty. He is planning a reported 14 albums, mostly through his Madlib’s Medicine Show series.