Lil B of The Pack decided to start a feud with Joe Budden and then decided to end it shortly after. The young rapper released “T-Shirts and Buddens,” a dis to Joey and sent out a series of Twitter messages before deciding to apologize for the track and for his actions.

Lil B began by saying that although he was a fan of Budden, he felt disrespected by comments Joe made on Twitter. The beef escalated when B released “T-Shirts and Buddens” and Tweeted, “WHO WANTS TO BE MY NEXT VICTEM IN RAP NO 1 IN THE GAME CAN FUK WITH ME WESTCOAST, DOWNSOUTH ,EASTCOAST, MIDWEST BAY AREA IM GOD OF RAP.”

He later added another Tweet, “ima fan but he was making fun of me on twitter like i cudnt rap lol.”

However, he seemed to have a change of heart later, when he decided to apologize, calling Budden a true legend.

“ur the true legend and for me coming out at u for no reason was a ho move reguardless if it was for the rap and fun…it aint no regrets its just a learning experience from everything you do. so @mousebudden stay 100 respect…so everyone just learn with me and hopefully yall can learn frm my triumphs and my mistakes and sometimes moving b4 thinking…I am a hater and I’m fina make sure I don’t hate on no1 doing they thang and getting it again.U a legend…yall learn from me being insicure and thinking people don’t respect my lyrical abilty me turned me to a hater on sum1 who’s dope…all I want is to be seen for what I no I am deep down and that is a legend. but I see I must work hard and wait for my time. cuz doing shit to get more famous is some bitch ass nigga shit and I did some desprete nigga shit like a nigga. not a man like I am…so I’m really fina take a shower and wash this hater shit off me and get back to the grind and not on no fake nigga shit.”

He also compared his actions to those of the person who punched him in the face during a video shoot.