With his ninth studio album Beast Mode set to drop next month, New Orleans rapper Juvenile recently spoke on his decision to keep the album void of features, as well as an update on a Hot Boys reunion.

While Juvenile doesn’t expect to include any guest verses on his latest album, he does plan on recruiting artists for the remix versions of his singles. “You know for me I like to get artist[s] on the remix,” he told AllHipHop.com. “‘Drop that Azz’ is out right now and I’m searching for cats on the remix, but I would rather have an artist on the remixes instead of on the album because I want people to hear it on the radio. That’s not giving the fans you, but you have fans that want to see that, so it’s just better when you do it as a remix.”

With talks of a Hot Boys reunion still lingering, Juvenile stated timing will ultimately decide if the former four-man group can work together. “I really want to do that. You know if it were left up to Juvie we would do it right now man, but you can’t do no Hot Boys songs without everyone present and that’s the thing you got to have everyone present to make it work.”

Beast Mode will be released July 6 through E1 Records.