Cage during his recent call in to the Phila Flava show ( thought that it was ok to treat the host Jason Gloss (DJ Sun) with no respect. Underground artists like Cage sometimes get a chance to be on the Phila Flava show if they are lucky enough to get the call, most of the time you will hear some of the bigger artists in the rap game.(A partial list of past guests include: Kurupt, Ghost Face Killah from the Wu Tang Clan, Chops, Black Sheep, tha Liks, the Artifacts, Masta Ace, Casual, Beatminerz, etc. )

Cage ended up cursing out of control on the show, threatening the on air talent at the radio station, calling people “pillow biters”, saying he was going to “break peoples jaws”, and also saying “I’m going to kill someone”. After this torrid display of ignorance, Cage supposedly changed his crazy guy act and told the DJ’s off air that it was just an act. Milo Burger aka DJ Mighty Mi had this to say to the Phila Flava show “I apologize on behalf of EC.” With that sort of gesture things were sure to simmer down until El-P from Company Flow/Def Jux put in his two cents online and continued to bash the very radio show that supports his records.

There is now a call out to boycott all records from Cage and El-P/Def Jux and an all out ban by college radio possibly going into effect. Many prominent college radio DJ’s have begun to spearhead a campaign to support their brother Jason and his award winning show. Jason Gloss’s take on the whole situation is this, “This entire thing is so petty. It only got shine because I didn’t allow it to go on. I didn’t let “CAGE” the rapper do his ranting and get away with it on live radio. I hit a few nerves with some pretty basic questions that any and all would have asked. I am not out to destroy Cage. If that was the case, I would be posting his home phone number and AOL screen name. If anything, I hope his album sells more and he is more conscience about his behavior next time he does an interview. Just don’t treat college radio like it has no value when it is the people who support you and the kids that listen are the only ones that buy your record”

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