Last week DX reported that Wale’s management had cancelled a performance for the D.C. Black Pride Legacy Festival, a gay pride event held at the Washington Convention Center, to which organizers felt was a direct slight toward the gay and lesbian community. However, come Sunday the D.C. rapper was on stage to perform for event attendees at no cost to the organizers.

Clearing up the situation, Wale told the crowd, ”One thing I stand for is Hip Hop music. And Hip Hop music knows no race, no color, no age, no gender, no sexual orientation — none of that. So, the most important thing about it is the music, and if it makes the people feel happy, that’s what we hear.”

He continued, “I will say, sometimes in this business you get aligned with people that don’t understand that, or don’t necessarily have the same beliefs that you do. And I apologize for not having my best foot forward to understand the people I’m in business with. And I’m going to do better, as we all do.”