7 Grand Records, founded by departed emcee Guru and controversial business partner Solar, has announced that the label will release previously unheard material as part of a “triubte campaign.”

According to the label, which was founded in 2005, the “tribute campaign” will feature previously unseen footage, behind the scenes “memories of music productions,” concert footage and more.

“His legacy was timeless and he invented music that will shine forever long after he’s gone,” said the label rep of Guru in a statement. “In our lasting and fragrant memories, we will never forget the emcee who raised the bar and paved the way for many rappers without the exploitative and negative stigma that has seeped into this generation of Hip Hop.”

In the meantime, Solar has his hands full with fans and other rappers criticizing him for allegedly forging the letter Guru wrote on his deathbed. In addition, Solar’s hacked internet accounts have drawn the ire of the rapper, who lashed out at the hackers through a letter published on fucksolar.com.

“Your emails are going to the federal authorities! as well as local law enforcemnet! [sic]” wrote Solar to the website, which is deedicated to documenting Solar’s controversial activities since Guru’s death – and others’ reactions to them. “This is Solars [sic] legal team! You will be prosecuted! Turn yourself in! Passport federal hacking! etc.We will get you its a matter of time! We know who you are! And all internantioal [sic] enforcements are in place if needed such as interpol! Lawsuits have been filed as well! With international power. You will Pay for this!!!”

The website responded by dismissing the threats as baseless, though it is unclear what legal action Solar can take. More on this story as it develops.