Speaking with HipHopDX last week, Havoc quickly revealed that amidst big production placements such as Eminem’s Recovery album, his top priority is still Mobb Deep partner, Prodigy. “My main thing is just waitin’ for P to get home,” said Prodigy’s partner for over 18 years. Havoc revealed that his “Shook Ones” co-writer will likely be home February of 2011, although he did add that the date is not set in stone.

On Mobb Deep’s first album, 1993’s Juvenile Hell, the duo sought out Gang Starr producer DJ Premier for first single, “Peer Pressure.” As Premier frequently scratched Mobb lyrics into his later works, Havoc was asked about his relationship with Keith “Guru” Elam, Premier’s Gang Starr partner. “I knew Guru, but I can’t say that I was very close to him. But whenever I was around him, he always showed me love. He always saluted me, and I saluted him.”

Havoc continued, and spoke disapprovingly of recent events surrounding Guru’s death. “His death is definitely a loss – a big loss.” Specifically, Havoc added, “I’m kind of angry at the fact at how they treated his exit. Like, there was no memorial service or nothin’ like that. Yeah, we can do interviews and stuff like that and praise him for what he’s done, but I think that [artists] in Hip Hop need to get together and [properly honor Guru].”

The Queens icon is well-aware that fans have put blame on Guru’s post-2004 musical partner, Solar. “I hear everybody saying things against Solar, the dude that was with him in his final days, whateva-whateva – we can hold anger towards him, but that anger is just in vain if we don’t do something ourselves and hold our own memorial,” deduced Hav. “By me doing this interview and saying that, hopefully people will hear it and catch onto it and say, ‘You know what? That’s a good idea.’ I’m just tired of hearin’ everybody shit on Solar. ‘Cause you know what? Fuck him. I don’t know him personally, but let’s just do something for Guru.”

At press time, there have been statements made regarding an upcoming New York memorial benefit concert for Guru, but not formal announcements have been made.

Lastly, Havoc was asked to describe his recent production work with Eminem on Recovery. Laughing, the man who has produced for Notorious B.I.G., Game and Jadakiss said, “I mean, the chemistry was…real smooth. That’s just one word I can use.”

With one of summer’s top releases already confirmed, and hopes of working with Roc Nation’s J. Cole, Havoc spoke on his remaining 2010 plans. “I’m trying to get even more placements, as big as the Eminem one. So just look out for me and my name to be in the album’s credits, ’cause I’m comin’ for it.”

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