For over a decade holding down the Terror Squad, Bronx lyricist Armageddon is ready to gain some individual recognition. The veteran emcee, producer and songwriter lent his talents to both Fat Joe and the late Big Pun, but like many of the male TS members, has yet to get individual acclaim for rhyme-writing that extends back to the fifth grade. 2010 may prove to be Geddy’s breakthrough, as he recently told HipHopDX.

Speaking to DX just hours before shooting his star-studded single, including two Rap icons, and deejay legend Doo Wop, Geddy explained, “Right now I’m gearing up to do this video with Fat Joe and N.O.R.E. [It’s to a video to the] remix to a song called, “It’s Over”  We’re basically just pushing the street record it’s starting to get some spins. The next step is to keep putting out music and keep the content going. The album is called The Journal, but I’m actually thinking about switching the name to The Journal: Vol 1. The Rebirth.”

“I had recently went out to Miami to help Joe with a project. Just being out there sparked a flame in me like something I haven’t felt in a while. I mean I’ve been working and writing all this time but I haven’t been in an environment with the big studio and all these creative people like Cool & Dre and it just sent me back home excited. It made me scrap a lot of the things I was working on and start working on all new material. I just have this whole new energy that you can hear in the remix now compared to the original. It was like I reconnected with Hip Hop.”



“I think the biggest difference for me as far as being in the forefront now versus being in the background is I was pretty much doing everything for everyone else. I was doing things for other people as opposed to myself. I evolved from that and really stepped up. I want to do this for me as opposed to helping everyone else. I’ve spent a lot of time helping others write their albums and come up with song ideas so I was kind of drained and wasn’t able to work on my own. Since I’ve stepped off a few years ago, I’ve had nothing but time to work on my stuff. I just needed to get away from my situation so I could focus on me. Now my craft can get better and I am my own brand.”

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