Clothing brand Sedgwick & Cedar has announced a new line that will pay tribute to Hip Hop’s history and pioneers. The announcement runs parallel with the relaunch of their new site and re-emergence of the brand, which is named after Sedgwick Avenue in Bronx, New York, and Cedar Park in the same neighborhood. Starting in 1973, the two streets were recognized for hosting some of Hip Hop’s first house parties, which included Grandmaster Caz, DJ Kool Herc, Sha Rock, and many other pioneers.

Legendary Hip Hop  photographer Joe Conzo, who captured Hip Hop’s burgeoning culture in the 1970s, shared his library of the period with the Sedgewick & Cedar clothing brand to create limited edition items of clothing.

“My dream was to build a trusted consumer brand that serves as an homage to the untold story and the icons of Hip Hop,” said Ray Riccio, founder of the brand. Pioneers who helped launch the brand, including DJ Kool Herc, Sha-Rock, Coke LaRock, and others will also earn royalties from the sales of the products that include their images.

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“It’s incredibly important to me to not only be a part of this brand that pays homage to our roots, but to have a voice in its creation,” said Grandmaster Caz. “Sedgwick & Cedar is reviving this explosive moment in musical history by representing a culture and a movement that myself and the other pioneers are proud to have had a part in creating.”