Veteran Miami rapper Trina made a high-profile appearance last month on Ludacris‘ top-of-the-charts concept album, Battle of the Sexes. Appearing on the single-remix to “My Chick Bad,” alongside Diamond and Eve, the record may be only the beginning to Trina’s strong 2010 resurgence. Speaking last week with HipHopDX, the Slip-N-Slide artist explained how her appearance came to be. “I got a call from [Ludacris] to come do the record,” Trina said. “I was really excited because he had already told me what [Battle of the Sexes] was about. I thought it was dope that everybody was willing to come together and join forces to make it happen. He felt so empowered because he was able to make it all happen.”

No stranger to conflict and competition with her female peers in the past, a changed Trina commended both Ludacris for making the project, as well as her sisters on the mic. “It’s been very scarce in the business to have a lot of women come together and do collaborations on the same record like that. I think he really wanted to be the one to pull that off and he did with Battle Of The Sexes. Overall, it was really fun, I love working with Chris. He’s a great person who is also very business-oriented.”



Working alongside fellow late ’90s Rap alumni Eve, and Crime Mob rapper Diamond, Trina felt right at home. “Even with making the video, it was really wonderful to be on the set with all the girls. Everybody was in there having a good time, and we were learning the dances and whatnot, which was fun. It felt really unified we were all laughing and joking and just making the most out of everything. It’s always great to be in a positive environment, especially when you’re working. There’s usually so much drama and negativity and someone trying to shut the door on you so anytime you can be in a situation that brings out the best than that’s what it is, the best.”

Trina’s Amazin’ hits stores next Tuesday, May 4.

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Additional Reporting by Jake Paine.