During an interview with the On Air Idiots of Hartford’s WZMX “Hot” 93.7 Tuesday, Royce Da 5’9″ confirmed Slaughterhouse will be signing with Eminem’s Shady imprint.

“The whole status with the Slaughterhouse/Shady situation is that it’s pretty much done,” Royce explained to K-Dubasis and DJ Biggmann. “We’re gonna make an official announcement and probably have a few release parties.”

Royce added that there were “one or two little things” holding the deal up, but that the partnership would be official within about a week.

“I inquired about it. I sat down with [Eminem’s manager] Paul [Rosengerg] and had a good conversation with him,” he added. “It just so happened that at the same time, Em had already been listening to the album. For Em, once something gets on his radar, that’s it. If he decides he’s gonna pull the trigger on it, he’s gonna pull the trigger on it.”

The signing has been rumored since Slaughterhouse appeared with Eminem in the “Forever” video, and finalizes a reunion of sorts for one-time “Bad Meets Evil” collaborators Eminem and Royce.

In addition to the Slaughterhouse deal, both emcees will be busy on solo projects. Royce plans to release the third installment of his Bar Exam series on May 31, while Eminem’s Recovery is slated for a June 22 release.

“I always try and change it up,” Royce says of Bar Exam 3. “There was a transition between number one and number two, and it’s gonna be another transition. I’m trying a lot of different stuff on there. I’m rhyming like crazy; everybody knows I can do that. But I’m doing some interesting stuff on there.”