Compton rapper Game is publicly distancing himself from the “gangsta rapper” image he’s acquired throughout his Rap career. After facing charges for allegedly assaulting basketball coach Shannon Rodrick in 2007, Game’s lawyers have asked that references to the rapper being a “gangsta rapper” be excluded from the courtroom.

Game’s attorneys claim that the negative term, as well as references to the rapper’s violent lyrics could potentially bias the jury into giving a guilty verdict. On Monday, however, the rapper reached an out-of-court agreement with Rodrick for an amount that both parties have thus far kept confidential.

In other news, Lil Wayne has officially signed Dallas newcomer Lil Twist to the Young Money imprint. While not a prominent face on the label, Twist has been touring with the Young Money crew for the past year. The 16-year old was reportedly discovered by Wayne after Twist opened for him at a local concert.

According to recent reports, the deal includes a $1.3 million signing bonus, and a debut album is currently being recorded. No word yet on when the album will release.

Lastly, noted label Big Beat Records will relaunch this week. The Atlantic Records subsidiary emerged from the 1990s Hip Hop era, and was home to artists and groups such as Lil Kim, Junior Mafia, and Changing Faces. The label became defunct after it was absorbed by Atlantic in 1998.

The relaunch will include original Big Beat artist Robin S, and new artists DJ Chuckie, Wynter Gordon, and Sidney Samson.