Last week HipHopDX reported that Gang Starr member Guru went into cardiac arrest. Following the heart attack, it was reported that the 43 year-old emcee underwent surgery and awoke from his coma earlier this week.

DJ Premier, the other half of the influential Hip Hop duo, spoke on Guru’s health for the first time last night on his HeadQCourterz Radio Show with Rhymefest and Panchi. “All my love to my man Guru,” he added, “to the whole Elam family, we riding with you all the time.”

During the live recording, Premo also negated any rumors or comments that had been circulating in the media, stating that this is the first time he has spoken about Guru’s health situation publicly and that he, along with Rhymefest and Panchi still do not have all of the facts.

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Editor’s Note: HipHopDX would like to apologize to DJ Premier, Guru and our readers. For several hours, we (along with several other major media sites) mis-reported a quote as DJ Premier’s that actually came from a fan-created blog. That quote was removed, and we ensure our commitment to giving you the real facts as we have in all Hip Hop news for the last 10 years.