Hip Hop 4 Haiti is doing a series of events today, January 30, in observance of National Hip Hop 4 Haiti Day, which will be recognized in 30 cities across the nation.

In Philadelphia at The Arts Garage there will be a live internet concert broadcasted in 40 different cities. The benefit show is slated to feature the legendary “Schooly D”, Sandman, Black Deniro, Daddy-O, Housewife, Hedonis, James Cagnie, E. Ness and more.

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A New York event at the National Black Theater in Harlem is scheduled to include Syles P, Naughty By Nature, Saigon and NYOIL. “Our goal is to raise spirits and funds of at least $10,000. We are urging the entire community to come together and open their hearts and wallets for those who need our help. And of course this is Hip Hop so we’re going in with both feet! Beats, Rhymes, B-Boys, DJ’s and plenty of Knowledge for Self,” said NYOIL in a statement to the media. He continued, “Hip Hop is a family; we don’t always see eye to eye and we are always arguing, like most families; but don’t mistake that familiarity as breeding contempt. Understand that we bicker, fuss and fight because we are family, and at our essence we have immense love for one another and what we are all a part of. Now Haiti is about to see what that love that power can do when focused and applied toward a singular goal.”

Houston will also be recognizing Hip Hop 4 Haiti with an event at the Black Cross Relief Initiative with performances by K-Rino, 144 Elite, Willie D, The Screwed Up Click, Real Thoughts, and more.

Other cities observing Hip-Hop 4 Haiti Day include Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, St. Louis, Grand Rapids, Albuquerque, Providence, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne, Washington DC, and Newark.