Tila Tequila, the model who rose to fame through social networking sites and her own MTV reality show, has since been somewhat of a tabloid target. Recently, she was in the press after her girlfriend Casey Johnson’s death. Now, less than a month later, she is making headlines again. This time, Tila has caused a bit of a buzz after announcing that she will be having a child with a rapper, who she says will not be revealed yet. Still, she dropped hints that made it clear the father may be Game

In a long series of Twitter posts, Tila noted that the rapper is someone “famous,” repeating the word several times throughout and confirming, “I guarantee you have bought his records before.”

“I just wanted to share to the world my joy cuz I can’t hide that secret for long anyway as my bump starts getting bigger!!!
But since you wanna know THAT BAD who the father of my child is…All I can say is that he is a VERY FAMOUS RAPPER! VERY VERY FAMOUS!”

She also added that he agreed to impregnate her so that she and Johnson could have a child. She added that he is only a friend and nothing more.

“He is just a GOOD friend of mine who was so touched by my story & decided that he would help me get pregnant 4 Casey & I…That is why he did this for us(Casey & I) but he is JUST a friend, but HE IS MY BABYS DADDY! I Guarantee you have bought his records before! So there you go. That is all I will tell u since I promised him I wont reveal his name! But he is a VERYYYY FAMOUS RAPPER!!!! SO SEXY TOO!”

Tila then went on to drop hints including the rapper’s tendency to participate in “beef” and more. Making the hints indicate that the father of the baby is Game. She somewhat confirmed this by saying he would take her out to buy baby clothes and later Tweeted that Game promised to take her to do just that following a few Tweets about her time in the studio with Game and Dr. Dre. She also called him her baby’s daddy, making it nearly official.

Game, in return, has only Tweeted “To my unborn child (in 2Pac’s voice).”

UPDATE:  Game has since Tweeted, “Game…. When it comes to Tila Tequila’s unborn child……. You are NOT the father (Jerry Springer’s voice). wouldn’t hit it wit 50’s pole.” The quote makes light of nemesis 50 Cent.

Moments before, the Compton rapper blamed the media for buying into Tequila’s suggestive statements and assuming him. “Message to the media…………….. Are y’all out y’all f%$kin’ mind ?”

Editor’s Note:

Game, we’re sorry. “We’re just doing our job.” ® T.I.