While sitting in an Atlanta jail on charges of first degree murder, associates of producer Shawty Redd have expressed their shock at the events of January 1st.

Redd, born Demetrius Stewart, was arrested on New Years Day after Damon Martin, 35 of Detroit was as shot and killed at the Hip Hop producers home in Hampton, thirty miles outside of Atlanta.

Producers Corner alum, Zaytoven who has worked closely with Shawty Redd after re-locating to Atlanta explained to MTV that the producer who has crafted songs for Snoop Dogg as well as Young Jeezy is simply not a “troublemaker.”



“I really couldn’t believe it,” Zaytoven said. “You hear a lot of rappers going through that type of trouble, but a producer? That’s my first time hearing that. I was just shocked.”

Speaking about the revered producer, Atlanta’s very own DJ MLK expressed his shock upon hearing about the incident. “Hopefully, he’ll be good. That’s all I could say. I just pray for him. Nobody knows the real situation until he comes out and tells it … but it’s shocking,” the deejay explained.

Shawty Redd is being held without bond in an Atlanta jail until he appears in court on January 12th.