In the latest issue of Billboard magazine, rapper (recently turned temporary rocker) Lil Wayne gave details on his upcoming double-disc album Rebirth. Wayne, who will also be featured on the cover of the magazine, said that the second disc will include mostly songs from Young Money. He also said that leaked tracks haven’t bothered him at all.

“I had to add new cuts because a lot of things leaked, making people think they had an idea of what I was doing with Rebirth and what it would sound like,” he said. “And I hated that because I never want anybody to think they know what I’m doing until I present it. So what I did was make it totally different. I flipped it.”

Despite Cash Money owner Birdman‘s assurances back in April that the project would not be a Rock album [click to read] Weezy revealed that, like it or not, the album will have heavy rock influences.

“Yes, the album is still rock. I play guitar on 80% of the songs and there’s a lot of rock influences and rock beats. I also have Travis Barker on the album. But I don’t want people to think I’m trying to do something I can’t do…When people hear me say rock, they may get scared like ‘Oh, God. What’s he going to do?’ When I said I was doing a rock album, it was about doing a freedom thing. This album isn’t Hip Hop. When I do my Carter albums, I know I’ve got to rap, I know I’ve got to spit. I know the words I’ve got to say and the subjects I’ve got to talk about. I also know the things I shouldn’t say, the things I shouldn’t talk about. There’s none of those limits on this album. I say what I want, how I want. That’s what this album is: a freedom album. And rock is the avenue that gives you that fredom. I’m just having fun that’s all. Trust me: People will like these songs. It’s my job to make them love them, but I know for a fact they’ll like them.”

Although Rebirth has been long-delayed, Wayne has confirmed a mid December release.