French producer/deejay David Guetta has contributed heavily to the charts in 2009, through his work on The Black Eyed Peas’ [click to read] hit “I Gotta Feeling.” The song helped make The E.N.D. [click to read] one of 2009’s three platinum Rap albums (along with Blueprint 3 and Relapse). In addition to his guest work, Guetta has also fused Hip Hop with his Electronic sound on his own 2009 album, One Love. Speaking with HipHopDX recently, the party rocker spoke about helping the Peas channel a new sound.

Will is a really big producer and he could have taken a bit of that sound and incorporated it in his music,Guetta said about’s [click to read] desire to bring Electro Pop to The E.N.D. “Instead of [that], he called me and went like 100% for it, knowing you know that’s what I do, and I had this track called ‘Love is Gone’ that he really liked. It’s [got an] insane guitar sound, and I came with a little bit similar [sound]. I sent him a few tracks, and he selected some of them and then I went to the studio to finish with him.” In the course of traveling to Los Angeles and developing a strong chemistry, Guetta requested several songs from The Black Eyed Peas to appear on One Love. Included is a remix to “I Gotta Feeling,” “On The Dancefloor” and “I Wanna Go Crazy.” The middle track also features

Known for being a pillar of creating fun in the clubs, arenas and outdoor events, Guetta looks at the positive vibes of “I Gotta Feeling” as the substance that made the song such a smash hit. “When [ sings] ‘I got a feeling,’ it’s like a hook on a hook. It’s crazy…it’s just perfect, and I think also the fact that they came with something so positive, you know, probably in a difficult time. That’s a big element of such a huge hit. I think people needed a little bit of that positive message. In the music I make, it’s always very positive, so it was just perfect. And, you know, working together, we were like screaming, dancing, going crazy in the studio because we were feeling like kids, you know because we’re so different, but at the same time, it was making so much sense.

Through working with The Black Eyed Peas, Guetta was able to land another collaborative appearance for his album, a 2009 breakout star: Kid Cudi [click to read].

That’s even more crazy story,” began David. “The Black Eyed Peas called me and they wanted me to be in the [‘I Gotta Feeling’] video. So I took the plane from Paris to Los Angeles and I couldn’t sleep, so I made a track on the plane ‘cause I produce mainly with my laptop, and I made [the beat to ‘Memories’].  I was trying something different, really dirty and not like the sound is not so tight on ‘Memories,’ but it was like all compressed and really dirty, and I wanted to try that. But I didn’t know, I didn’t even know it was going to be on the album, it was just a track I was making ‘cause I was awake instead of sleeping.

Guetta continued, “I arrived [in Los Angeles] and went straight to shoot the video, and in that video I was at a scene with Kid Cudi, I [had never met him], so I’m like, ‘Oh, you’re Kid Cudi, [I’m a fan].” And between three [takes], I’m like, ‘Man, listen, I just made a track coming here on the plane, well it;s not even finished… I want to place this for you, you know I think you’re gonna like it. So within two shots, I had my computer and my headphones and I played him the track and you know there was no, like, ‘speak to my manager,’ I didn’t think about it. It was like, ‘It’s great, be here tomorrow, three o’clock at the studio,” and we recorded the day after. That was not more difficult than [talking to you now].

One Love is in stores now and features appearances from Ne-Yo, Kelly Rowland and Akon.