In a recent interview with [click here], Drake shed light on the inspiration for his song “Fear,” [click to listen] and the direction that he is going in for his upcoming debut LP, Thank Me Later. He explained that “Fear” was written in a matter of eight months, because he felt that he lacked experience to “do the music justice.”

“I did one-and-a-half verses [of ‘Fear’] and quit,” he said. “I had stopped after I said the line, ‘I never cried when Pac died, but I probably will when Hov does.’ I took a break after that because I didn’t know where to go from there, and my story wasn’t complete yet. I didn’t have the song title. I didn’t have the hook. I didn’t know where I was going with it. I just knew I had a place to start, so I let it sit for six to eight months.” The final product, he says, “is very reflective of where I am right now.”

Drake also talked briefly about Thank Me Later‘s content, saying that the album would be more high-energy:

“Lyrically, I want to keep the album as genuine and honest as ‘Fear’ is, but musically there will be a little more energy. There will be more moments of triumph, because my life is the best it’s ever been in my 22 years of existence. I want my music to reflect that, but I still want to be able to relate and connect with people.

In addition, he gave his opinion on the evolving state of the music industry.

“You’ve really got to come out and offer people something that’s never been done before or something at a very high level. Take someone like Kanye West who produces, sings, writes and does fashion. He’s beyond the full package. I think that’s becoming requirement these days. You have to do everything…You can’t only rap anymore.

Read the entire interview [here].