Asian Doll has responded to accusations that she ghosted a designer after inquiring about a bespoke dress for her 26th birthday celebration.

The saga started on Wednesday (December 7) when designer Caila Abdul posted screenshots on Instagram of her conversations with Asian Doll from as early as November 22 and blasted the “Nunnadet Shit” rapper for giving her intellectual property away.



Along with proof of Asian Doll agreeing to the price for the custom design and flying the designer out for a fitting, the extensive post also included screenshots of the original gown Caila Abdul made compared to the dress Asian Doll had recreated.

“This is so heartbreaking,” Caila Abdul wrote in part in the lengthy IG post caption. “@asiandabrat had me spend hundreds of dollars to create her birthday dress just to ghost me A DAY BEFORE HER BIRTHDAY 😢😖. Not only that, @asiandabrat also sent my design to be recreated and copied by someone else last minute.”

On Friday (December 9), Asian Doll took her frustrations to Twitter days after she began trending on social media following the fashion designer’s claims. Giving her side of the story, she also went off on trolls and delivered scathing rebuttals to tweets alluding to the fact that she is broke.

“I’m so tied of explaining myself on the internet to bitches… I rather not say nun no more believe what you want idgaf,” Asian Doll tweeted, seemingly in direct response to the screenshot receipts Abdul posted.

She continued in another tweet: “Yesterday I let y’all talk today ima tell all you bitches to SUCK MY DICK one by one… let’s play.”

Asian Doll then set her sights on a Twitter user who attempted to shame her by alleging she couldn’t afford the dress in the first place. “Her dress was $1500 his dress was 2k bitch who couldn’t afford what ? Your rent not even 2k bitch mind yo business,” she tweeted.

Earlier this year, Asian Doll was stopped for speeding and promptly taken into custody after it was discovered that she was driving without a license and had a bench warrant issued for her arrest for another violation.

Shortly after her arrest, Asian Doll took to social media to share that she had been detained while en route to a show in Mobile, Alabama. The rapper revealed at the time that she would have to wait until October 31 to see a judge. In a post to her Instagram stories she wrote: “Bond was denied! Still in jail. Sorry to all my fans about the shows I missed. Love y’all, be back soon.”

Asian Doll Reacts To NYC Residents Starting GoFundMe To Send Her Back To Texas
Asian Doll Reacts To NYC Residents Starting GoFundMe To Send Her Back To Texas

Several days later on November 4, Asian Doll shared her mugshot which ended up going viral as fans were quick to dub her “Prison BAE,” due to her look that included full makeup, wavy hairstyle complete with slicked back baby hair and stunning lashes.

Meanwhile in August, the Dallas rhymer got into a physical altercation after a woman allegedly attempted to steal her diamond chain.



A video of the incident surfaced that showed the rapper being held back by several onlookers as she lunged at the would-be thief.

“Dumb bitch, are you stupid?” she can be seen shouting at the woman. A person filming the fight is heard saying: “Stop playing with them, Asian! Turn that shit up, Asian. On blood, turn that shit up, Asian!”