Ab-Soul has paid homage to Snoop Dogg in his brand new music video for the single “Gotta Rap.”

On Tuesday (March 21), Ab Soul released the video for “Gotta Rap” via YouTube. In the beginning of the video, Ab-Soul is rocking corn-rows, dark shades, a bullet proof vest, and The Marathon clothing apparel. Ab-Soul is also on top of a building, rapping his heart out, much like Snoop Dogg did in the 1993 video for “Who Am I (What’s My Name)?”

Later in the video, Ab-Soul could be seen spitting in an unknown Los Angeles neighborhood while the men around him partake in some of the hood’s favorite past-times.

“I like to call myself the God of rap/But really I just gotta rap/This a Dior doobie/On the head of your cutie, moon signs when you call her back/Do not disturb/We looking for the smoke, not who got the herb/I’m Top Dawg, you a copycat/I’ma give this beat a heart attack.”

Check out the video below:

“Gotta Rap” is from his December 2022 project Herbet, which is also his first name. Herbert is the follow-up to his 2016 offering Do What Thou Wilt. The LP features guest appearances from Big Sean, Russ, Joey Bada$$, Jhené Aiko, SiR, Punch, Zacari, Fre$h, Ambré, ALEMEDA, and Lance Skiiiwalker.

While promoting the project, Ab Soul opened up about his depression and past suicide attempt in an interview with Charlemagne Tha God.

Ab-Soul Taps LeBron James To A&R His Next Album

Ab-Soul Taps LeBron James To A&R His Next Album

“I pretty much finished the album before I did what I did,” he said. “How I’m choosing to take it is — and I’m not giving it credit — but it brought me down to a place where I needed to be as vulnerable as possible, and as soon as I said everything I needed to say, I jumped.”

While Ab-Soul didn’t explain why he attempted suicide or when it happened exactly, he described feeling “lost” and said the experience had a profound impact on his life, helping him kick his vape habit.

“I took a leap of faith, if you will. And that was the only way I was going to be able to put that vape down, bro,” he continued. “Ain’t nobody going to rehab for a damn vape pen — shit expensive as hell! But that was the only way I was gonna be able to put that shit down, bro. I know that for a fact… I feel as though God sat my bitch-ass down.”