6ix9ine‘s recent gym attack has apparently caused a great deal of embarrassment for his daughter, according to the rapper’s baby mother.

Earlier this week, while visiting a Florida gym, the controversial star was the victim of an assault. A video of the attack posted to Instagram shows 6ix9ine lying on the floor protecting his head as two men stand over him, throwing punches and kicking him in the ribs and face.

According to TMZ, the rapper’s baby mother, Sara Molina, said his public altercations have been “sad to see” and could lead to a great deal of embarrassment for their seven-year-old daughter, Saraiyah.

Molina’s reps told the publication that it’s only a matter of time before Saraiyah grows up and has to lay witness to her father’s antics. While she agrees that he did nothing to warrant the beating, given his history of public altercations, Molina believes he was “reckless” by not having security present.

She also noted a recent incident where the New York rapper was kicked out of the World Baseball Classic for being heavily intoxicated. Molina said that she’s “surprised he’s been walking around like he can’t be touched.”

She said due to 69’s past beefs with other rappers, she’s also concerned about their daughter’s safety. She also claimed that the rapper hadn’t reached out to his daughter since late last year.

All things considered, Molina said that she and Saraiyah are doing fine, but she hopes her baby daddy gets the help he needs.

Despite the brutal attack, the rapper has said that he will not be leaving Florida, nor does have plans to increase his security or switch gyms after he was viciously assaulted.

6ix9ine Offered Tips On How He Could Have Avoided Gym Beatdown By Viral Survival Expert

6ix9ine Offered Tips On How He Could Have Avoided Gym Beatdown By Viral Survival Expert

He reportedly said he’s not gonna let one outlier beatdown change the way he lives his life – despite the men allegedly threatening him and telling him to leave South Florida – and said he’s going to continue going out in public just as he previously had.

In other 6ix9ine news, following his assault, the rapper has been slapped with a hefty lawsuit after allegedly refusing to pay an outstanding debt on his credit card bill.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, the suit — filed by financial mega corp American Express — claims that 6ix9ine (real name Daniel Hernandez) was extended a line of credit which he defaulted on in November 2022.

The company is demanding that the controversial rainbow-haired rapper pay his debt to the tune of $118,387.