21 Savage is now facing the wrath of actor and comedian Michael Rapaport for his Nas “isn’t irrelevant” statements made during a recent Clubhouse conversation.

The comedian shared his thoughts on the whole situation on his I Am Rapaport: Stereo Podcast YouTube channel on Wednesday (November 16) and dissed the Atlanta native for questioning Nas’s relevancy in Hip Hop.

According to Rapaport, 21’s comments make sense when he’s a rapper with a style straight out of Dr. Suess’s Cat in the Hat book and nowhere near the level of the Queens legend.

“Nas is not relevant,” Rapaport said to start his rant. “It shows in your work 21 Savage, and I’m glad your making money, I’m glad you’re able to take care of everybody, but it’s so disrespectful.”

He continued: “I gotta be the one to say how dare you to say that Nas isn’t relevant. And we see why you would think Nas is irrelevant, 21 Savage, because when we listen to your music, it shows that you’re not a big Nas fan. You probably ain’t a Big Daddy Kane fan, an LL COOL J fan, a Beastie Boy fan, a Gang Starr fan.

“You probably ain’t a fan of any of them, and I hear it in your work. You’re like Cat in the Hat. That’s the kind of rapper you are. Cat in the Hat jumped over the bat and he flipped and he flapped yippity yap.”

@michaelrapaport I can tell #21savage isn’t a #NAS ♬ original sound – michaelrapaport

Rapaport’s comments come after Fivio Foreign also chimed in on 21’s controversial comments. TMZ caught up with the B.I.B.L.E. rapper where he said Nas has earned the right to do whatever he wants.

“That n-gga Nas did too much to be disrespected like that,” Fivio said. “That’s big bro where I’m from you know what I’m saying. I was just on his album. He just got a Grammy for the album I just was on.”

Nas Seemingly Responds To 21 Savage's 'Not Relevant' Comments

He continued speaking on Nas never being irrelevant: “Nah, that’s like saying it’s like you a legend you can do what you want, you come back when you want, you leave when you want. That’s what it is. He can do what he want.”

Kodak Black had a more aggressive response to 21’s comments and put him on blast for disrespecting Nas while also quoting lyrics from his 2002 song “I Can.”

“Talking about, ‘Oh, Nas irrelevant.’ How the fuck Nas irrelevant, hoe?” Kodak Black asked. “How the fuck Nas ain’t relevant, homie? N-gga smoking dick! Did a fucking Drake [album]. We salute Drake, we love Drake, okay, whatever.

“Nas that n-gga, homie. ‘I know I can (I know I can)/ Be what I wanna be (Be what I wanna be)/ If I work hard at it (If I work hard at it)/ I’ll be where I wanna be.’ You crazy, boy! The fuck? Nas that boy. Homie, you tripping. Nas that n-gga, boy, you tripping, boy. The fuck?”