As the 2021 HipHopDX Rising Stars continue torack up performances for the summer from festivals like Rolling Loud to Day N Vegas, a few have announced headlining tours coming soon.

So far, 6 out of the 10 Rising Stars dropped full-length projects this year, so it is only right that they get ready to head out on tours – especially since we all want to get outside as much as possible. This would be the perfect time for the bunch to secure some bags!

2021 HipHopDX Rising Star Yung Bleu is not only looking to secure a big bag on his 38-city tour, but he’s looking for two buzzing artists to join him.

On Saturday (June 19) now recognized as the federal holiday Juneteenth, Yung Bleu took to his Instagram to announce an upcoming tour of his own.

In the post Yung Bleu wrote, “38 city tour coming up! I remember how my fan base change after gong on tour with Kevin Gates! If I was to take 2 buzzing artist on tour with me who would should it be? TAG THEM

In 2018, Yung Bleu was a buzzing artist that rapper Kevin Gates decided to take a chance on with his Luca Brasi 3 Tour, which covered 24 cities. At that time, Yung Bleu only had a bunch of WorldStar HipHop music videos out, and was striving to make a name for himself. Now in 2021, Yung Bleu is looking to give two artists the same opportunity that Gates gave him, as he is now more established and recognized on a larger scale.

Bleu’s upcoming tour would be following a great run of accomplishments such as: “You’re Mines Still” hitting 100 million views on YouTube, purchasing a huge estate, locking in one of the late DMX’s last features, and joining Chris Brown, A-Boogie, and Mooskii on the remix to the viral TikTok song “Trackstar.” This tour will be his chance to give back to his loyal fans who have pushed him to the point he is at right now, as he also helps two more artists grow their fanbases.

Yung Bleu hasn’t released any tour dates yet.

In other news, 2021 HipHopDX Rising Star DDG made an announcement to quit YouTube officially after winning his Social Gloves’ “TikTok vs YouTube” boxing match against Nate Wyatt.

The announcement came in true DDG-fashion; a YouTube video titled “I Retire.” The 8-minute and 31-second video gives his reasons as to why he is done for good, although he has joked around with quitting YouTube before.

“I feel like I gave so much to this YouTube,” he says in the video. “I have been doing this for six years. It was all my life. I want some type of mystery to my life. You know what I meant. You got to know me for six years We got to know each other. You know my family at this point. You know where I am from, what college I went to. Everything is documented. That’s the good part of you knowing me,” he explained. “But for the new people who discover me, I only want them to know my music. I want to be more closed off. I want to be more mysterious. I want to focus strictly on being an artist.”

DDG Wants All The Smoke Following 'TikTok vs. YouTube' Victory

DDG took it a step further to back-up his announcement by also deleting every single vlog he’s made since 2014, although the videos could just be on private mode now.

Fans were bothered by his sudden decision to focus on his budding music career instead of vlogging, when they began to use the hashtag #DDGQuit to express how they felt. One fan tweeted “I get he wants to do music, but deleting old stuff will never not be seen as lame imo.”

DDG is a man of many talents, so it’s a given that anything his puts his energy into, will work in his favor. What other rapper can we think of that has had some sort of success on social media, in music, and boxing?

On another note, 2021 HipHopDX Rising Star Sheff G has finally made an announcement for new music! According to Sheff’s IG post, on June 30th he will be dropping a music video for his single, “Start Sum Shyt.”

His fans have been patiently waiting on a full-length project as he has cryptically posted videos of new music coming and studio sessions.

Clearly, he’s been working low-key, and we’re ready!

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