Everything that glitters isn’t gold and everything that goes Gold isn’t fire.

Without further adieu, ladies and ladies, here are the 2018 rap albums that created more conversations than commendations.

Kanye West – Ye

After giving Wyoming its biggest pop culture moment to date, Yeezy ultimately revealed he spent more time hyping his self-titled album than supplying heat for its tracklist.

The Diplomats – Diplomatic Ties

Fifteen years ago, Dipset was running the rap game streets with a bulletproof double album. As you can hear, time isn’t always kind to the movement.

A$AP Rocky – Testing

While many had thought he retired to become a fashion model, Lord Pretty Jodye made them question why the rumor wasn’t a reality with this tepid release.

Migos – Culture II

The superstar Atlanta trio forgot that focus is a key ingredient to making a great album.

Quavo – Quavo Huncho

The Migos superstar frontman forgot that focus is a key ingredient to making a great album.

Machine Gun Kelly – Binge

Only a first generation Stan would claim the Eminem-diss “Rap Devil” didn’t pack a punch. That said, the other eight tracks on this project never needed to exist.

Lupe Fiasco – DROGAS Wave

Overall execution was Lupe’s downfall in this ambitious yet abstract concept album.

YG – Stay Dangerous

The quest for bigger Billboard placements found Bompton’s mayor way outside his typically funky gangsta bops.

Nore – 5E

The Drink Champ coincidentally showed us why Joe Budden’s headstrong retirement is probably the best decision. Once your profession takes you out of the booth, it’s not going to be a cakewalk return.

UGS4LIFE – Fck The Lamestream

At this point in time, it’s obvious Hip Hop has altered its top sound to attract a wider audience. There’s still no excuse to release garbage like this.

NAV – Reckless

The XO crooner has plenty of strengths in the studio. Just not on his own projects.

The Most Disappointing Albums of the Year (Tie)

Nas – Nasir

After participating in Kanye’s seven-song album folly, an unfocused and bored-sounding Nas walked through the motions of giving 2018 a taste of 1994’s lyricism standards. After a six-year solo album hiatus, the true heads demand better.

Nicki Minaj – Queen

Even at 20 songs deep and over an hour long, this album’s biggest claim to fame is waging a war against Travis Scott tour merch while failing to ignite enough buzz to get the NickiHndrxx Tour off the ground.

Feel free to insert whatever ex-couple Queens jokes.