Violently targeting music gatherings is the lowest of the low.

Question: Anytime there is a tragedy, what is the gap bridge that brings everyone together?

If you guess anything that revolves around a musical function, you are correct.

Violently targeting music gatherings is the fucking lowest of the low.

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No matter one’s personal preference of musical genre, there’s no denying its positive effects on the mind, body and spirit. Several years ago, a team of neurologists and caregivers over at conducted a study that tapped into the minds of patients afflicted with dementia and other memory loss ailments. And the results were outstanding. A favored song can literally transport a person back to a period with the most vivid of illusions and memories. It’s holistic medicine in MP3 format. And such peaceful convening is now perilous activity.

As I write this article, Vegas authorities are saying at least 59 people and an additional 500-plus injuries are the result of the shooting massacre on Sunday (October 1) at the hands of so-called “lone wolf” Stephen Paddock during Route 91 Harvest Festival outside of the Mandalay Bay Casino and resort.

Make no mistake: this an act of American terrorism akin to what Lupe Fiasco warned us about back on his Food & Liquor debut. This isn’t a time to deflect blame off of Hip Hop culture when it comes to acts of violence. There are no winners here. No silver lining that makes rap the ideal choice for an evening out on the town.

Manchester Arena. Irving Plaza. Orlando.

One person injured or murdered at a music venue is one person too many.

Everyone reacts differently in the eye of a storm.

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Yes, now is a time for more candles. More peace, more love, more kumbaya. But it’s also a time to fully accept and embrace the world we live in and call for more vigilance. Beefing up security and the subsequent inconvenience that comes along with it is simply a necessity. We as a society have been taking off our shoes at airports for so long that many may have forgotten the reasoning behind the oft-tedious security measure.

But it’s a necessity, nonetheless. It doesn’t matter whether it’s XXXTENTACION or the Blue Man Group on that stage. We must protect our right to enjoy music and leisure at all costs. Those victims of all the aforementioned acts of cowardice (among other incidents) should have their memories preserved and honored with brighter futures.

Route 91 Harvest Festival ticketholder Live Nation Entertainment echoed a safer future in a statement obtained by HipHopDX on Monday (October 2) where they ensured they will “do everything in our power to support the victims and their families” following the shooting.

The city of Las Vegas is constantly spreading the gospel on how you can support the community, whether you’re near or far.

Be safe. Be self-aware. But most apparently, be unafraid. Don’t even hint that you’ll give evil the satisfaction.