Thanksgiving day, HipHopDX reported on the making of the #UNameItChallenge with creator DJ Suede, who had much to say about the viral sensation. Well it looks like Suede may have done it again.

Those who have followed his SoundCloud account have found remixes ranging from Law & Order to various video games including Sonic The Hedgehog. With the holiday season over, DJ Suede is back with the #OrlandoBrownChallenge, which uses a recent VladTV interview with the troubled former child star. The Atlanta DJ chopped up Brown speaking on an alleged sexual relationship with former co-star Raven Symone.

The end result has led to a suitable follow-up to one of the best viral moments of the year. So you don’t have to, we’ve collected some of the best #OrlandoBrownChallenge posts to be released so far. Who knew tribal beats, trap and Brown’s alleged drug-induced rambling could become such a banger?

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