Memes work best when they describe something everyone is thinking or at least wish they thought. A simple photo and a handful of words can go far in the digital age. All it takes is one viral picture infiltrating into pop culture. For heaven’s sake, part of the Drake vs. Meek Mill battle was won through memes. Every week, the crafty imaginations of social media manage to create something displaying wit, wisdom, crass ideas and more. Some will make you laugh, feel disgusted and probably confused. Weekly, we’ll be weeding out the best memes through “All Eyez On Memes.”

Another year, another iPhone announcement from Apple. Attempting to change the course of smartphone design yet again, the house that Steve Jobs built showed off both iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus for the first time. Months prior, rumors spread that the new gadget would be missing a headphone jack. They were proven true and many fans of the phone lost it. Sure, the iPhone 7 will come with an adapter for those playing car AUX DJ. However, the lack of simplicity was lost on some.