Memes work best when they describe something everyone is thinking or at least wish they thought. A simple photo and a handful of words can go far in the digital age. All it takes is one viral picture infiltrating into pop culture. For heaven’s sake, part of the Drake vs. Meek Mill battle was won through memes. Every week, the crafty imaginations of social media manage to create something displaying wit, wisdom, crass ideas and more. Some will make you laugh, feel disgusted and probably confused. Weekly, we’ll be weeding out the best memes through “All Eyez On Memes.”

This week, Kobe Bryant’s last game creates some of the best memes this year.

D’Angelo Russell Still Recording


Following the Nick Young and Iggy Azalea problem from weeks back, one would think D’Angelo Russell would stay away from recording his teammates.

Missing Kobe


From the amounts of tweets this week, emcees past and present will all miss number 24.

Who Had The Best Season This Year?


Many will remember Kobe Bryant’s last game as one of the greatest ever despite the Golden State Warriors being the best team this year.

Raptor’s Loss


Meanwhile, the Toronto Raptors lost to the Indiana Pacers Saturday morning. Sports fans had to make fun of the team’s Global Ambassador Drizzy.

Vegan Rap Memes


There are several memes making waves around the internet fusing vegan ideology with various moments in Hip Hop. A little extreme, but humourous.

Broads In Atlanta


Desiigner’s “Panda” became a talking point recently as it’s charted better than any Future song released to date.

Tekken & Desiigner


And yes, the social media generation managed to link popular 3D fighter Tekken with one of this year’s biggest singles.

Justin Bieber Gets Choked By Post Malone


Though Post Malone described the moment as roughhousing with a friend, many thought there was beef between the “White Iverson” singer and Justin Bieber after a video surfaced of the two shuffling.

So You Can Freestyle?


Rap purest have been insuring this floats around social media lately.

Waka Flocka In A Galaxy Far, Far Away


Found on Waka Flocka’s Facebook page, someone fused the Atlanta Rapper with the cover of the old N64 Star Wars game.