Today celebrates the launch of social media’s best place to vent, shoot the shit or express themselves in the form of 140 characters or less. Turning 10 years young, Twitter now reaches reach 332 million active users. It’s also the best way to watch an artist grow personally and professionally over the years.

A lot has changed since the site’s inception. Before hitting the limelight, some were confused by the iconic blue bird’s purpose while others dove straight in without much regard. Who would have thought years down the line, Twitter would be instrumental in making surprise album announcements and start beefs that would spill into pop culture? Like most groundbreaking technology, one can truly witness the profound and ridiculous. HipHopDX perused through 121 different artist’s first tweets and compiled a list of the 40 most interesting. Please keep in mind that this extremely unscientific “study” does not correct for any initial tweets that may have been deleted. And although they did not make our final cut, if curious, Lupe Fiasco was still pushing #WeAreLasers, Talib Kweli was playing A&R with Strong Arm Steady, Eminem was was promoting Relapse’s “We Made You,” Snoop Dogg was live in the capital of nowhere: Starksville, MS and Funkmaster Flex was “on Hot 97 handling his business.”

Let us know which one of these first rapper tweets are your favorite in the comment section.



Promotional Vehicles Out The Gate

Some Artists Thought Presidential…

Oh, The Irony

Technological Turtles

It’s Not Where You From, It’s Where You At

Signature Shoutouts

Beautiful Randomness

R.I.P. To The Fallen Mic Heroes