There isn’t a simpler way to express philosophies, cultural relevance and seemingly unimportant ideas than memes. Throughout the years, Hip Hop has had its fair share as well. In fact, some within the culture have benefited tremendously from memes of all type. Some have found interesting ways of flexing their knowledge on the culture at large while others utilize memes to engage in hilarious shit-talking. Just in case you missed some of the funniest takes on life the internet can offer, we’re here to help through memes describing today’s top Hip Hop stories.

This week, DJ Khaled motivates the masses and Pope Bars becomes a new hashtag sensation.

DJ Khaled As A Personal Trainer


Since becoming known for his extremely motivational one-liners and a recent move to using popular social media platform Snapchat, DJ Khaled has become a meme goldmine.   

We The Best Snapchat


As last weekend ended, DJ Khaled provided a video of his morning ritual and that included brushing his teeth.

Is The Key


“Cocoa Butter is the key,” says Khaled during one of his Snapchat episodes which became widely circulated around the web due to sheer off-the-wall humor.

Kanye Questions Rozay Lyrics


Since the almost legendary interview with Sway, social media continues to use Kanye’s “How” meme in questioning the seemingly impossible.

Childish Gambino The Protector


Facial hair makes any male look older than his actual age sometimes. Take this picture of Childish Gambino and Jhene Aiko for example.



#PopeBars gained traction this week across social media by Pope Francis inspired takes on popular rhymes.

The New Hov


There’s an irony in someone fusing PopeBars with Jay Z lyrics. Knowing Hov, he probably has some connect to the Vatican.

Gangster’s Paradise


The opening bars of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” were taken from notable Bible verse Psalms 23 which makes this #Popbars meme even more hilarious.

Jesus Approves


Then again, if Jesus is on the beats, what could be wrong with anything coming from The Pope’s mouth.

Mase Keeps Quiet

12347582_1078359315531959_2826082220540545366_nThe quiet Mase photo is another go-to meme used specifically for silencing any witnesses of something devious.