Meek Mill probably holds a Guinness World Record for the most amount of L’s taken within a one week period after Drake’s headlining OVO set last night. Not only did Drizzy perform diss/singles “Charged Up” and “Back To Back” as memes taking shots at the MMG artist adorned the large screen placed behind him, there were subtle jabs taken throughout the event. Wearing an old “Free Meek Mill” shirt during rehearsal felt subtle while having Will Smith attend had to be the most passive aggressive move seen in Hip Hop this decade. Also helps that Drake’s performance may be one of the most talked about all year based on its own merit alone. As social media and various outlets proclaim an obvious winner, here are things Milly should have thought twice about before taking on the 6 God.

Drake’s Status As A Pop Culture Icon

For a moment, let’s just forget Drake’s OVO Festival has become a holiday within itself in Toronto. Remember a few months back when Apple used Drake to introduce their revamped music and radio offerings? Then there’s the fact that almost each track from If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late managed to hit the Billboard charts following its surprise release in February. Throughout the years, Drake has evolved from Young Money’s star player to unstoppable Pop culture phenomena. Even his rabid fanbase did most of the talking to Meek before and after those damaging responses on social media. Hell, huge corporations and politicians added fuel to the fire as well.   At this point in his career, the MMG artist hasn’t crossed over into mainstream. After this hard defeat, it looks like he never will.



Mainstream Honestly Can Care Less Who Writes What

Meek’s biggest gun were the ghostwriting allegations leveled against Drake that were backed with actual damaging evidence. For a majority of core Hip Hop heads, the various reference tracks from Quentin Miller removed him from the upper echelon of emcees within the culture. For the millions of everyone else, Drizzy stands as Pop’s most dynamic artist. The questionable rules within Hip Hop really don’t matter to the outside world. To them, who cares if Drake didn’t write “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” “10 Bands,” “0 To 100 / The CatchUp”  or “Know Yourself?” Those singles are the soundtracks to many great moments. Therefore, the mechanics of how they were actually made matters none. The amount of hype around this alone proves that Hip Hop has officially entered a new level of popular acceptability which necessarily isn’t a bad thing.

Drake Played Chess While Meek Played Checkers

There’s a reason why Drake stayed quiet until using his own Beats 1 radio show OVO Sounds On Apple Music to premier “Charged Up.” Drake has taking more than a few pages from the book of Hov and we’re not talking Decoded. Sending bottles of champagne to Charlemagne The God moments after dropping “Back To Back” was equally clever and genius. Drake’s counter offense against Meek was rallying the people up subtly. This meant getting the Phillies to play “Back To Back,” bringing Will Smith to OVO fest and wearing the Free Meek Mill shirt. Then those memes.  All Meek had to show for it was a half-assed response outside of his post on Twitter and Instagram. This is 2015, a well-rounded attack goes a long way and simple diss tracks just don’t cut it.



Meek’s Relationship With Nicki Minaj Was Fair Game

Watching Nicki Minaj break up with SB had to be a difficult time as the world slowly saw the decade long relationship turn into a petty mess. Like any good romance story, Meek Mill came in like a hood knight in shining armor. No one is going to lie, the two made good couple despite Minaj’s higher position. There was something sickeningly cute about the term “OMeeka.” The problem? The best way to injure a man’s pride is always through his woman. This made Meek an open target for any upcoming beef. Case in point: Nas Vs. Jay Z and the role Carmen Bryan played. Drake’s main offensive game came through shots against Meek’s masculinity which is sensitive spot for someone  from the streets. Was there a hint of sexism directed at Nicki’s success in regards to Meek? Sure, but who cares? In rap beef, all bets are off.

Response Had To Be Jaw Dropping & Revealing

There were a few things handicapping Meek in whatever response then slated for Drake. Bragging about money and success were totally off the table for clear reasons. Out of respect for his relationship with Nicki, Meek wasn’t going to bring her into the diss record. By the time “Wanna Know” found its way to the internet, people honestly didn’t care about those ghostwriting allegations. Then there was the anticipation that became an annoying waste of time during Funkmaster Flex’s show on Hot 97. What did Meek have to show for himself on “Wanna Know?” Allegations including Drake getting urinated on and paying Chris Brown(because mainstream surely likes him) for protection. Yes, lame indeed. For Meek to truly be effective, he was going to need unprecedented information on Drake; something that wasn’t going to happen. Even then, if people were willing to overlook those ghostwriting allegations, Drizzy’s fanbase were strong and loyal enough to overlook whatever Meek could throw at him.