There isn’t a simpler way to express philosophies, cultural relevance and seemingly unimportant ideas than memes. Throughout the years, Hip Hop has had its fair share as well. In fact, some within the culture have benefited tremendously from memes of all type. Some have found interesting ways of flexing their knowledge on the culture at large while others utilize memes to engage in hilarious shit-talking. Just in case you missed some of the funniest takes on life the internet can offer, we’re here to help through memes describing today’s top Hip Hop stories.

This week, the internet to the release of Nicki and Beyonce’s “Feeling Myself” and a starter kit for Eminem stans.

Beyonce & Nicki Minaj Friendship Goals


Earlier this week, DX presented a special edition of “All Eyez On Memes” for Nicki Minaj’s Beyonce assisted single “Feeling Myself.” Here’s one of the fan favorites that the internet cooked up.

“Feeling Myself” Too Much


Ironically, Beyonce is married to Jay Z and Nicki is fresh into her relationship with Meek Mills. Then again, social media relationship counselors never manage to use their time wisely.

Then The Imitation


Meanwhile, Iggy Azalea and Britney were celebrating the release of their “Pretty Girls” collaboration. Of course, the internet was ruthless.

Eminem Starter Kit


All white wife beater? Check. DC Shoes? Check. Beanie/Cap Hybrid? Check. Ladies and Gentlemen, your average Eminem stan.

Inception Was All A Dream For Biggie


A dream within a dream became the theme of Leonardo Dicaprio’s 2010 vehicle Inception. How does B.I.G. feel about it? The answer is quite easy.

Real Thugs


The divide between the Hip Hop traditionalist and progressives can be summed up in this one meme.

Can’t Knock Her Hustle


That moment where Jay’s video for his Reasonable Doubt single becomes a true look into, well, the hustle. However, this particular hustle is very real.

Mistaken Identity


There was drama at one point between Wiz Khalifa and his ex-wife Amber Rose. Everyone wants a good reconciliation story right? Something may be a little off though.

Feline With Heart


Many men may wish death upon him, but that’s not stopping him from his catnip re-up.

Way Out For Struggle Rappers


Having a difficult time developing a rap career? There may be one secret organization that make dreams come true in an instant.