Sometimes Hip Hop can move at a pace too frantic for even the most devoted fan to keep up with. Albums and mixtapes are released at breakneck speed, careers are made and broken with the swipe of a pen, and somewhere in between all the madness actual music (the quality of which vacillates between excellent and god awful) is being made. Twitter provides a nice summary of everything 140 characters at a time. And if you’re the type that would rather not be bothered with stepping into the Twitterverse to catch up on the latest in Hip Hop, we’ve filtered through the top rapper’s tweets and consolidated all the week’s events into one convenient feed.

This week, an ESPN anchor claims Iggy Azalea is “killing hip hop,” Kanye West speaks for 30 minutes at Oxford University and Snoop Dogg reveals his album cover for upcoming album “Bush.”

Karrueche Tran Dumps Chris Brown

Chris Brown has officially lost Karrueche, as she blasts him on Twitter in regards to some recent news. Apparently, C Breezy is a father to a nine-month-old baby girl, with former model Nia. All 3 have been sighted hanging out. Awkward.

How Kimye Views The Colors Of The Viral Dress

Apologies for bringing up this crazy dress fiasco, but in the midst of arguing what colors you see, wouldn’t it be nice to know what Kimye sees? “Black and blue” versus “white and gold” represent the majority of the controversy. What we didn’t know at first, is at the end of the day, it all depends on your vision.

Kendrick Lamar Releases iTunes Link To New Album

Kendrick Lamar being MIA on Instagram leaves fans wondering what’s next. Only half-MIA on Twitter, the Compton rapper recently tweeted a link to an iTunes preview to his long awaited upcoming album. Interestingly enough, all the track names remain hidden except “The Blacker The Berry.”

ESPN Anchor Says Iggy Azalea Is “Killing Hip Hop”

Another Iggy Azalea hater. Sports Center anchor Robert Flores calls out Iggy and boyfriend Nick Young from the Los Angeles Lakers stating, “Nick, while dolphins are trying to kill you, your girlfriend’s trying to kill Hip Hop. Let’s call it even, OK?” While Swaggy P did admit his fear of dolphins earlier this month, he jumps to defend his girlfriend.

Kanye West Speaks At Oxford University

Kanye West recently spoke to the Oxford Guild Society at the University’s Museum of Natural History. Students at the University live-blogged the lecture, which lasted about 30 minutes and covered a wide variety of topics. More than 1,600 students and administrators attended the event, dubbed by the guild as “the biggest speaker of the year.”

Snoop Dogg Releases Album Cover For “Bush”

Snoop Dogg released the cover art for his upcoming album Bush, slated to be released mid-March. Not only will it be entirely produced by Pharrell, but also released under his I Am Other imprint. Snoop states this project will be completely different from anything he has ever done.

Ab-Soul Releases New Track

In honor of his 47-city “These Days…” tour, Ab-Soul released a freestyle called “47 Bars,” worried that the content of the song will get him dropped from his TDE label. On the track produced by Alchemist, Soulo drops some choice words regarding the recent wave of males wearing dresses. CJ Fly from Pro Era responds asking him to come to his Brooklyn collective.

Kanye West’s Fake “So Help Me God” Tracklist

The hype of Kanye West’s new album So Help Me God is real, real enough to create a fake tracklist. Although it looked incredibly promising, Def Jam confirms it is not legit. The proposed release date of March 10 had as all wishing it was real.

Migos Announces New Project “Migo Lingo”

Migos notified fans via Twitter about the release of their first project of 2015, “Migo Lingo.” The cover art depicts Benjamin Franklin donning a black-and-gold sombrero with a gold cuban link chain around his neck. DJ Durel and YRN Lingo host the mixtape, available on March 4.

Wale Releases “MMG under God” Video

Wale recently releases a short inspirational video titled “MMG under God”. Taking place in his hometown of Washington D.C., it gives us a true sense of his character and how his music inspires others. His upcoming project The Album About Nothing is slated to be released on the last day of this month.

RZA Defends Method Man’s Comments On Wu-Tang Album

A question by XXL Magazine regarding the waiting period for Wu-Tang Clan’s highly anticipated album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin led to a harsh response from Method Man.

On March 4, Method Man told the magazine, “I’m tired of this shit and I know everybody else is tired of it, too. Fuck that album, if that’s what they are doing.” Then, in chimes RZA.