Sometimes Hip Hop can move at a pace too frantic for even the most devoted fan to keep up with. Albums and mixtapes are released at breakneck speed, careers are made and broken with the swipe of a pen, and somewhere in between all the madness actual music (the quality of which vacillates between excellent and god awful) is being made. Twitter provides a nice summary of everything 140 characters at a time. And if you’re the type that would rather not be bothered with stepping into the Twitterverse to catch up on the latest in Hip Hop, we’ve filtered through the top rapper’s tweets and consolidated all the week’s events into one convenient feed.

This week, Snoop Dogg and actor Seth Rogen smoke out in front of a green screen, Iggy Azalea reacts to being in the top spot on the Billboard charts and ScHoolboy Q goes on a rant about bloggers and their false stories.

Snoop Dogg Smokes Out With Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen is famous for playing stoners in movies. Snoop Dogg is famous for being a stoner and a rapper. Put the two of them together and you’ve got a media powerhouse of weed enthusiasts. Seth stopped by Snoop’s GGN web series to seriously discuss the HBO show, Game Of Thrones.. Besides intensely going back and forth about what should happen or not, Seth and Snoop rolled one up for a little extracurricular activity to go along with  the discussion. Snoop made sure he had a picture taken in front of the green screen, to ask fans if they can make them travel back in time to set their encounter in a random place. This was my favorite. You’re welcome.


Fan Breaks Leg At YG Show

Apparently YG’s fans go hard during his live performances. So hard in fact, Jason Aragon (Twitter user @JasonAragon2nd) broke his leg in half during a show in Riverside, California at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium. Sure it’s a prosthetic leg and not bone and flesh but either way the title wasn’t misleading. The leg broke in two pieces. YG retweeted and replied to Jason with a “Got damn bro.” No word if YG offered to buy a new leg but according to Jason’s hashtags, the break didn’t hurt.


Wiz Khalifa Calls Out Rappers For Bad Habits

Earlier this week, a battle rapper made mainstream news when he added a piece of shock value midway through his battle. The match-up was between Los Angeles native Cadalack Ron and Pasadena, California’s Syfer 1 and took place at denim store in Compton. Somewhere during the battle, Cadalack Ron, who has a history with drugs, took a needle out and shot up with what looks like heroin. Bystanders laughed, cheered him on and obviously, took pictures and videotaped the event. Wiz must have heard the sad and wacky news and found a way to relate to it to his fellow rappers, saying that they might as well be Ron with “all the crap they puttin in their bodies.” The drugs catch up to you sooner or later.


The Only Picture From The KimYe Wedding

Wedding guests had their phones stripped from them (re: see tweet below) but there were a few pictures that leaked from the KimYe wedding, including this one. The picture is a zoomed-in photograph of the wedding taking place. A little blurry but you can see what’s happening and you can see the wall of flowers, the one that Kanye gifted Kim for Mother’s Day. Here’s a closer look. Earlier in the month, Kim Kardashian tweeted that the wedding will not be televised. “We are not filming our wedding for Keeping Up With The Kardashians. You will see everything leading up til and after! As much as we would love to share these memories on camera, we’ve decided to keep this close to our hearts; share thru photos.”


Busta Rhymes Turns Up On His Birthday In Vegas

Busta Rhymes turned 42 on May 20, 1972, the same age as The Notorious B.I.G. The spitfire rapper partied it up at TAO in Las Vegas, Nevada with many industry friends. Quincy, Diddy’s son, attended the party and snapped a good picture of Busta and added the caption, “Happy Birthday to my family @BustaRhymes.” Busta is seen making a happy face while the bottle girls hold up the letters to his name. Being the center of attention doesn’t look so hard as long as the party is completely in your favor. Happy 42nd Birthday, Busta!


Iggy Azalea On “Fancy” Billboard Placement

While being at the top when this tweet was published, Iggy Azalea is currently #1 on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts for Billboard. “The rapper’s single has been on the charts for 11 weeks and jumped to the #1 spot from the #4 slot three weeks ago. It sold 234,073 copies this week, an eight percent increase from last week’s 216,092 units sold.” The catchy single, featuring Charlie XCX has sold a total of 1,046,395 units. If you haven’t seen the viral video, Iggy revives Alicia Silverstone’s role as Cher in the ’90s cult classic Clueless. The Aussie rapper endures various wardrobe changes and even plays out staples scenes from the film. Check it out here.


Freddie Gibbs Making Sports Sense

I wish the cavs would stop gettin the #1 pick. They should leave Cleveland and go to Seattle

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had a lucky streak in the past few weeks, taking the #1 pick for the second year in a row and third time in the past four years. Plenty had something to say about the 2014 Draft Picks, including Gary, Indiana’s Freddie Gibbs. The team actually had 1.7 percent chance of getting the #1 choice but still won a second consecutive year. Gangsta Gibbs gave a word of advice to the team. He told them to leave Cleveland, Ohio and move the team to Seattle, Washington. Freddie has been known to be very vocal about Sports and even named his project, ESGN, after the network that is dedicated to the physical art, ESPN.


Lupe Fiasco On The Set With Andy Samberg

Lupe Fiasco, the newly appointed U.S. music director for the World Cup-bound men’s national soccer team, took a picture on set with Andy Samberg for what looks like a music video for Andy’s rap parody group The Lonely Island. Lupe’s dreads have grown long since his “Kick Push” days and has even acted out strongly based on his opinion and passion for a subject including politics. Looks like he’ll be getting his silly on with Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island because that’s one act who you don’t take yourself seriously with.


ScHoolboy Q Tells Blogs They “Failed Again”

Top Dawg Entertainment CEO Top Dawg asked fans to help choose a date for Ab-Soul’s album release. Many fans answered but ScHoolboy Q tweeted that he would like to see the album be released on June 3rd, which caused many to believe that Q had actually leaked the date. Apparently, blogs threw it in their headlines and the tweet become a news story to which Q replied, “I Neva put SOULO DATE OUT… Y’all failed again.” He also mentioned that websites are thirsty and run to post anything that can be made into headlines. “Y’all post anything braH.”


KimYe Wedding Guests Stripped Of Their Phones Because No Pictures

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wed on Saturday and their wedding was not televised but the couple still opted to take precautionary efforts and strip their elite wedding guests of their smartphones. The wedding, which took place in Florence, Italy, boasted an A-list discrete guestlist. It was easy to guess who made it to the wedding (Jay Z and Beyonce not included) but pictures from the wedding seemed to be prohibited. By now, I’m sure a few photos leaked from the barricade of fans present and the paparazzi hanging from trees. Kim once said that the wedding will not featured on Keeping Up With The Kardashians but we find it a little hard to believe that the wedding will be kept under wraps.


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