According to a familiar cliché, a picture is worth a thousand words. Your favorite celebrities—including rappers—are doing less and less press, but luckily their thumbs and smartphones still work. Instagram has provided a way for them to document their lives and/or thoroughly embarrass themselves for our collective enjoyment. The beauty of it all is that you don’t even need to join Instagram, as most rappers are perfectly fine leaving their feeds open for public viewing. And if you’d rather avoid the IG life altogether, we’ve filtered through the top rapper’s pictures and videos and consolidated all the week’s events into one convenient feed.

This week, rappers get busted with fake watches, thanks to Instagram user @fakewatchbusta. Also, Bun B takes a picture with his newly graduated granddaughter and Beyoncé lets the social network know that things are A-Okay with little sister Solange. Check the rest of the week’s top Instagram posts below.


Tyler, The Creator Terrorizes BuzzFeed

Ok, “terrorizes” might be a lot of extreme. It was more like Tyler, the Creator runs into the BuzzFeed offices wearing a Batman mask and yelling, “Everybody has to get down,” while employees sit still at their computers and continue to work. They continued to work by live tweeting Tyler’s office visit. Apparently, the Odd Future frontman also shot an employee with a Nerf Gun (not as violent as it sounds) but that was all cleared up when Tyler and his Loiter Squad costars paid a visit to HuffPost Live. In the interview, the crew explained what happened at the offices and said, “You have a Nerf Gun in the office. You signed up for fun!” Watch the interview here.


Fakewatchbusta Busts Rappers With Fake Watches

No country for fake watches. Fakewatchbusta is on patrol. The Instagram user has called out a few rappers sporting fraud wristwear by the likes of Gunplay, Rick Ross, Sean Kingston and Soulja Boy. In an interview with Noisey, fakewatchbusta pointed out Soulja’s watch. “I mean Soulja Boy’s watch is a bad Audemars Piguet quartz fake and the battery has run out so it shows the same time in all his pictures. It’s 10:25 all day, every day. It’s pretty funny.” Suddenly, all the 10:25 memes on his page make sense. Like this one here, here and here.


Drake Celebrates Mother’s Day

As many sons and daughters in different countries, Canada included, took their mothers out for lunch or the popular hybrid meal, brunch, to celebrate Mother’s Day last Sunday, one rapper stood out from the rest. Aubrey Graham, rap name “Drake,” and the swirly shaved line in his hair posed for a heartwarming picture with the woman who brought him into the world. The picture came with an equally heartwarming caption: “Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mothers shaping the lives of sons and daughters! May we all change this world for the better!” Drake may have lost Rihanna but he can always count on his #1 girl to be there. 


Newsflash: Beyoncé And Solange Are Still Sisters

You hate them, you love them but either way, you’re stuck with them. Siblings. By now, I’m sure everyone’s heard/seen (no audio, unless you can’t 50 Cent’s version – which he has taken down, boo.) the video of Solange attacking Jay Z while Beyoncé stood still and watched in the elevator of the Standard Hotel in NYC. The video was uncomfortable to watch and a horrific glimpse into Bey and Jay’s perfect life. On Thursday, the trio released a statement sharing that ” [Solange and Jay Z] both have apologized to each other and we have moved forward as a united family.” So there you have it. A very lackluster but classy way to end a scandal. Until some form of leaked audio is revealed.


Google Confuses Earl Sweatshirt For Mac Miller

Ouch. It looks like Mac Miller Google’d himself to find not his picture listed but a picture of his Odd Future buddy Earl Sweatshirt. Mac added the caption, “Google know me so well.” It isn’t too far off. Besides the obvious physical differences, both artists march to the beat of their own drum. Most recently, Earl Sweatshirt laid a verse on Mac Miller’s “Polo Jeans,” which was featured on Mac’s Mother’s Day mixtape, “Faces.” But back to the Instagram post. Looks like Google has some ‘splaining to do. Sidenote: I just Google’d Mac right now and it looks like the issue has been fixed.


Oh Yeah, Bun B Is A Grandfather

First of all, Bun B’s granddaughter is adorable. Second, Bun B has a grandchild which means he’s a granddad which means he is thee trillest grandpa. Weird to think that some of the emcees still making music have grandchildren. Would I listen to my grandfather rap? IDK. Anyways, social media provides an inside look at artists’ personal lives and Instagram makes the glimpses visual. Bun B is not only a rapper, but a husband, a father and a grandfather. And look, Taylor, his granddaughter, is graduating from Kindergarten (I believe). Thanks for sharing the smiles, Bun B!


Rare Jay Electronica Sighting

Jay Electronica checked back into rap in 2014 after casually dropping a few tracks, including his Jay Z collaboration over Soulja Boy’s “We Made It.” The track made headlines because of Jay Z’s Drake diss references but either way, it felt like a step closer to getting a full project from Jay Elect. A few days ago, Elect made a cameo at a club that Power 105 morning show personality Angela Yee was hosting in Brooklyn. Maybe he’s always hitting the clubs, who knows, but fans commented on Angela’s picture and pretty much insisted that Jay drop an album ASAP. Hopefully he’s reading those comments. A little push from fans couldn’t hurt.


Crooked I and Eminem In Detroit

During a tour stop in Detriot, Crooked I caught up with Eminem. No big deal. He wrote, “I have cool friends.. Detroit is always luv.. Next stop Columbus.. #APEXTOUR.” Crooked I is currently touring and promoting his latest solo album, Apex Predator, before he starts campaigning with Slaughterhouse on their upcoming album, Glasshouse. As for Eminem, he and his label Shady Records recently announced an epic battle rap event, which Slaughterhouse member Joe Budden will be participating in, titled “Eminem Presents: Total Slaughter.”


It’s Still Dipset, You Dipsh*ts

It feels very right to hear Dipset members rap over a Just Blaze production. Cam’ron and Juelz Santana provide the lyrics while A-Trak and Just Blaze provide the backdrop for the recently released track, “Dipshits.” Cam posted a snippet of the video on his Instagram account with the caption, “Just incase y’all forgot #TheSet #ItsNotManyOfUs #uwasThere !!” HipHopDX readers approved, as far as the comment section goes, and rated the track close to 5 out of 5 (the actual tally was 4.54). “Dipshits” has plenty of fans looking forward to more music from Dipset but for now, Cam and A-Trak are bringing the “Federal Reserve” EP to your ears later this year.


Macklemore’s Cat Has 20,000 Followers On Instagram

Struggling to get 100 followers on Insta? Macklemore posted a picture of his cat about three days ago and introduced him to his fanbase as Cairo the cat. Yesterday, the “Same Love” rapper posted a selfie with the kitten and tagged the cat’s Instagram page in the caption. I checked this morning and Cairo has over 20,000 followers. Forgive me while I go crawl into a cave that can probably fit all of my Instagram followers. Sidenote: the last Macklemore post that was included in this list was a selfie with Michael Jackson. Selfie versatility.


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