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Black Milk - Popular Demand

Not every one of these 15 tracks knocks it outta the park, but you nevertheless get a strong sense that Milk (who also engineered, mixed and provides the majority of the rhymes) is a one-man wrecking crew just beginning to hit his stride


Alicia Keys: She's Smokin'!

Alicia Keys is smokin'! Don't believe us? Read the interview then check the pictures.


Hell Razah - Renaissance Child

Hell Razah's debut suggests that, even if the Wu-Tang Clan never makes another album, the group's storied Hip Hop legacy rests in some extremely capable hands.


Justin Timberlake: Alpha Male

Justin Timberlake is always in the headlines for something. Whether it be Britney, Cameron or Prince. But what about acting?


Beyonce: Diva Status(?)

Is Beyonce truly Deena from Dreamgirls? Does she have Diana Ross qualities? Read to know more. And we have pictures!


Ultramagnetic MC's - The Best Kept Secret

It's been 14 long years since Ultramagnetic MC's last studio album, 1993's mediocre The Four Horseman, so it's safe to say that the title of their latest effort isn't a complete misnomer.


Jennifer Hudson: From Country To Dreamgirl

Jennifer Hudson went from being snubbed on American Idol to Oscar consideration in Dreamgirls. How did it all happen?


Will Smith: From Fresh Prince To King William

Will Smith has grown right before our very eyes. HHDX gets Will to open up about his "Pursuit of Happyness." A must read!


X Clan - Return From Mecca

Arguably the most politically active band of this era was X-Clan, the Brooklyn collective whose potent 1990 debut, To the East, Blackwards, made them one of the most prominent acts on the Afrocentric Hip Hop scene.


Ghostface: The Game Is Fishy

Ghostface addresses the status of Wu-Tang and what happened at the VH-1 Awards and rips into today's hip-hop. You gotta read what he has to say!


Eminem Presents - The Re-Up

Returning to the game after a two-year absence, you might expect to hear the creative fruit of Em's fucked up year. But you'd be wrong. In fact, Shady's profile here is surprisingly slim, instead focusing the spotlight on his extended rhyme family


DJ Shadow: Hiding Within The Shadows

Will the real DJ Shadow please stand up? Shadow addresses the change from Endtroducing to The Outsider and reveals his frustrations about the industry.


Lost In Translation - An Interview With Borat

Who the hell else has an off the wall interview with Borat? We do! Borat talks about his USA experience and much more!


Penelope Cruz: The Spanish Enchantress

Penelope Cruz proves a beautiful woman can act. Check how she talks about film, demanding men, looking more "buxom" and more. We got PICTURES!


Janet Jackson: Ms. Jackson (If Ya Nasty!)

Janet talks about her album, sex (, Beyonce and other "youngsters", working with Michael again and we got PICTURES of Ms. Jackson


Derek Luke: Being Black In Hollywood

Handpicked by Denzel Washington for Antwone Fisher, Derek Luke is looking for an Oscar but is Hollywood ready for him?


Count Bass D - Act Your Waist Size

With his debut on the respected Fat Beats label, Count Bass D proves to be one of those eclectic indie artists whose refusal to value audience accessibility nearly as much as creativity will turn off all but the most faithful underground Hip Hop heads.


Sadat X - Black October

In these here-today-gone-tomorrow times, where an artist's respectability seems to be based more on Soundscan sales figures and Billboard chart position than on old-fashioned ideals such as integrity, intelligence or lyrical prowess.


HHDX's Fall Film Preview

HHDX brings you its guide to nearly 50 of the Fall's most eagerly anticipated releases


Sofia Vergara: Muy Caliente!

Do you care about what she has to say or do you just want to peep the gallery? Either way, she's hot!


Dan The Automator Presents - 2K7

Few producers have proven so influential on their respective genre as Dan "The Automator" Nakamura has on the underground Hip Hop scene.

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