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Gangsta Walking with DAVID BANNER

Who started the <b>Gangsta Walk</b>? It


The Game: Reality Check

In the '80s Jaceyon Taylor was witnessing the reality being spewed over rap tracks in the gang-infested Compton, CA streets . Seventeen years, five gunshot wounds and two dead brothers later, <b>The Game</b> has emerged...


Big Noyd: A Man Of His Word

A member of <b>QB</b>


Willie D: Knuckle Up

In this interview, Willie D speaks candidly about Eminem, Rap-A-Lot Records and his relationship with fellow Geto Boys Scarface and Bushwick Bill and Texas justice.


T.I.: Return Of The King

The self-proclaimed King of the South is calling again. He


Jin: After 2 Years, Does He Matter?

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that says <I>


Lil' Wyte: Crunk Ain't Got No Color

I'm so hi', all I smell like is smoke<br> Yeah, that motherf**king green</br> Yeah, that got d**n dope


Remy Ma: Straight Up, No Chaser

With the Terror Squad Hit "Lean Back" tearing up MTV, BET, the club and just about everywhere else. HHDX grabbed Remy Ma to ask her: what's up, and what's up with the crew?


Erick Sermon: A Timeless Sermon

What's behind your split with J Records? What video girls sleep with the artists? R.Kelly helped you stop the press? All these questions and more answered in this exclusive interview with Eric Sermon.


Lil Flip Vs. T.I. Round 2

Lil Flip has issued an official response to remarks made by jailed rapper T.I., this past weekend at the Atlanta Summer Jam.

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