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Ab-Soul has been TDE's secret weapon, presently riding the wave of their new found glory with "#controlsystem," his fourth release in as many years.

As today's Hip Hop climate is predicated by gatekeepers overlooking lesser known talent, coveted cosigns from iconic figures do wonders in the way of up and coming emcees receiving an otherwise hard earned shine. Amongst the West Coast's rising phenomena, Top Dawg Entertainment's Black Hippy crew has found themselves in hopes of eventually following in the esteemed footsteps of Game, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and 50 Cent as the group's close affiliation with Dr. Dre has netted a lucrative joint venture partnership with Interscope and Aftermath Records. Having trudged tirelessly prior to landmark moments including de facto leader Jay Rock's aligning with underground sensation Tech N9ne and the massive acclaim garnered from Kendrick Lamar's 2011 release Section.80, the crew has seen a steady ascent towards prominence that recently hit a fever pitch in the wake of ScHoolboy Q's Habits & Contradictions released at the top of this year. Ab-Soul has been TDE's secret weapon, presently riding the wave of their newfound glory with #controlsystem, his fourth release in as many years.  

Immediate knee-jerk reactions to the Black Hippy quartet draw comparisons to NWA's art which imitated life, but there is a comfort to be found in TDE's camp employing little false pretense having each lived distinctly authentic lives in the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles. Where Jay Rock and ScHoolboy Q respectively retain close ties to the locale's ubiquitous Blood & Crip sets and Kendrick Lamar's Compton upbringing kept him neutral albeit surrounded by similar elements, Ab-Soul hails from the less hectic city of Carson with a cerebral forte reminiscent of the suburb's prior claim to fame Ras Kass.

His strengths bridge the gap between commoners and deep thinkers evidenced by "Pineal Gland," a prime example of his work testing the comprehension of the average listener and the opposing values of "Mixed Emotions," an ode to the joys of marijuana consumption and Hip Hop's ongoing fascination with codeine syrup. To boot, his elevated mindset strays from conventional analysis as he reaches rarified air dissecting the disparity with which promiscuity is viewed between the genders on "Double Standards" and dares to berate society while espousing the virtues of gang unification alongside Detroit's Danny Brown on "Terrorist Threats." #controlsystem's truly somber moments come by way of "A Rebellion" and "Empathy," both featuring TDE's longtime vocalist Alori Joh as the project and heart-wrenching "The Book Of Soul" are dedicated to her recent tragic passing.

Ab-Soul's talent is to be cherished as that of a quintessential emcee, his particular skill set running in sharp contrast to that of his thriving LA based peers whose raps are largely devoid of lyricism and introspection. With #controlsystem he shows great promise having gone from his crew's underdog to a present spotlight where he is equally confident and conflicted, sharing his pain and conviction through versatile and dexterous flows. The project furthers Top Dawg Entertainment's winning streak and marks the formal arrival of a cornerstone for this organization, an interestingly deep thinker whose determination and expanding consciousness seek to uplift and shape the world around him.



  • Anonymous

    I want to say control system >> Good kid M.A.A.D City but it just doesn't catch me. I still think Ab-Soul is the best in black hippy/tde though :)



  • Anonymous

    Boss shit. Best in decades

  • ....

    "I've got 700 dollars from my last show, and I would spend it all on you," the most suburban of L.A.'s four-man Black Hippy posse/supergroup sings haltingly on the tellingly entitled "Empathy," and although initially I was impressed that he knew the word "chattel," in the end that 700 bucks was the clincher-that he can occasionally make some halfway decent money off his art, and that he's ready to blow it on love rather than blow or a blow job. Not that he's above imagining blow jobs like any other healthy young rapper-cf. "SOPA," which insofar as it's about the Online Piracy Act has a special place in its trickerating heart for porn sites. He's just a gifted kid who likes his weed and his words, which he twists with palpable delight around sparse synth beats musical enough to layer on some delight of their own. And then there's the closing trifecta: his beautiful ideals, his tragic life, and a scabrous Black Hippy remix for the fun of it. A-

  • Mwoullard


  • iballhard

    TDE is the future Kendrick is dat nigga!

  • AOTY

    I still have yet to hear a album, this year, that tops this.

  • Dylann17

    One of the best releases this year. 5 Stars.

  • Chicago Rilla

    Album is so dope

  • Troof

    I think more than anything else, the writers on HHDX need to be praised. Has anyone ever actually paid attention to the depth of their writing? It's unbelievable. Makes me want to step my game up with this pen...

  • TheTruth

    i listened to this album because "everybody" says how good it is and how lyrical ab-soul is, well all I can say is this - the album and ab-soul are not as dope as everyone wants you to believe. i didn't hear even one line that made me hit the rewind button. i admit there are some dope beats, but lyrically this album just doesn't cut it. i guess everybody thinks this shit is dope just because it sounds different, but i really could care less how different it is from everyone elses shit - THE ALBUM ISN'T HOT. 3 out of 5 nothing more but maybe less.

    • Troof

      This album wasn't designed to have rewind-worthy punchlines...it was created to actually teach you somethin. It's easier to catch the messages if ur floatin...

    • Troof

      Sometimes it's not about listening to what people say, or overanalyzing an album...sometimes it's more about sparking up, and lettin the album play on repeat. Put 1 in the air and zone the fck out...stop bein such a harsh critic...

  • Jake

    Very dope album, Probably 4.5/5 (A-). Patiently waiting on Elzhi's follow up to the Preface/Elmatic (I think Elzhi is dopest alive in terms of last 5-8 years), Diabolic's follow up to Liar & a Thief, Nas's "Life is Good", Tonedeff's "Chico the Man" (all produced by the underground legendary producer KNO) and his follow up solo to "Archetype", Louis Logic's new LP ("Sin-A-Matic" and "Misery Loves Comedy" are both GREAT), One Be Lo's next LP, Slaughterhouse (hoping there's raw ish on there like most of their first LP), Kendrick Lamar's debut LP, Fashawn's follow up. These last 6 months should have some fire dropping.

  • birty

    light a fat 1,smoke it, play this album, light another fat 1,smoke it, repeat...

  • chief614

    ab soul has mad creativity; the entire Black Hippy as a group is stupid crazy. This is true to life, real hip hop in it's raw form. Take heed people, TDE is definately next on deck!

  • Anonymous

    Yo this nigga is unbelievably nice. The only nigga in the game right now who can have Kendrick shakin in his boots. TDE or die.

  • Anonymous

    semi classic, it just doesn't get the props because he's young and there are no big name producers featured

  • Dylann17

    Brilliant album. 5 Stars.

  • zigzag

    great album. ab shud b proud of himself bcos this is album of the year. u try n get whoeva u wanna from cash money or whateva cudnt care less bcos nobody can throw it up like ma top dawg niggaz. ab soul is the future and i hope the interscope album that is released by ab soul at the end of the year is just as good. get it moving ma nigga. album of 2012

  • Lucas Duarte

    This shit is so overrated.

  • mdkeren2

    BELOW on every new video article and basically any new piece of content

  • marcusbechelli

    love this album. top picks: soulo ho3, terrorist threats, illuminate, black lip bastard and book of soul [:'(]

  • King Chandler

    Crazy thing is I thought Ab-Soul was the wackest one out of the group based on early guest verses, but then this comes out and now dude is probably my favorite in the group, as far as lyrical talent I would have to put Jay Rock on the bottom.

  • Philthy

    one of the best albums I've heard, TDE has a very bright future. #BestInTheBusiness

  • Nico

    jay rock of course :D

  • Nico

    Ab-Soul one of my favorite upcoming rappers.. jack rocks verse on Black Lip Bastard is insane

  • Big Slink

    Favourite album of the year so far.

  • thabizness

    great album. period.

  • Hiii

    Best TDE release so far.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Killer Mike had the album of the year. After I listen to this some more.. Nah this is.


    Great Album....TDE!!

  • CJ

    Dope CD!!! Listen to it everyday!!

  • Bigcam

    TDE murderN yall favorite rappers......this album was definitely right behind kendricks if not right there with it

  • Anonymous

    couldnt get any better

    • Anonymous

      Where do you live? Im tryna see if I can send some goons to your crib to chop u up into little peices and stuff ur remains into KRS-One's funky ass laundry bag and throw you over the Queensboro Bridge. Pussy.

  • Anonymous

    man this shit cray

  • Classic

    I always thought Soul was the best member of Black Hippy, with Kendrick just a spot behind.

  • FrankiieeBoii

    Album is amazing real talk

  • Jayotc

    Check my Control system review here!!! BEST ONE OUT!! http://tcblogs.tumblr.com/post/23685279402/ab-soul-control-system-review

  • Grooovy

    Ab-Soul and the whole TDE camp keeps dropping cool shit. Great consistant album throughout, 4/5. Soulbrotha #2! Peace

  • Jeremy Ngante

    good project. DA,Cali

  • Anonymous

    this album is so fire. generation X-trapillz

  • OOchie

    I've been saying since 2006 that this dude was destined to the top, not to be amongst the best but even higher than that. solo got 3 eyes on some weird shit and with the help of the team he has around him, he will get the exposure he needs to be considered the best at this. Control System is dope but don't sleep on any of the long terms

  • jamal

    Support real music. #BlackHippy #Hiiipower

  • Anonymous

    Its cool but I still prefer schoolboy Q

  • A-Pox

    Soul seamlessly blends deep philosophies about the world and the variety of corrupt control systems with the feelings of isolation opposed with the feelings of being part of something bigger at the same time. The album is magnificent from brilliant song-writing to soulful production to the dopest MC's today. TDE.

  • ed

    I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm not feeling the trippy instrumentals. Track Two and Black Lip Bastard are MEAN though

    • TaZzZ

      Those are the 2 worst tracks arguably... Obviously someone doesn't listen to words. The only two songs that I really can't get anything meaningful out of, nor do they fit the overarching theme. Otherwise flawless album

  • Anonymous

    youtube Green Nation Mafi G2

  • asee

    wasn't feeling the first six or seven tracks on this. second half way better.

  • Sonny Rene

    one of the best albums so far this year.

  • erna

    worth 5/5 by all means. Creative and exclusive album, with many lounge mystical style beats and melodies, hooks are on time, spitting, rhyme content and topics touches deeply. So its strange to hear from someone it's dis and dat. Strong release and representer TDE this album is.

  • pienman

    yeah, the dude did go hard on this ablum! shit was awesome

  • Juan

    Ab-Soul puts out some pretty introspective shit with Control System, definitely need more rappers like him. If you liked Longterm Mentality, you'll be happy to hear that this is even better.

  • Anonymous

    I just like how SOPA is the formula for a young money song, and it's better than any song the label has ever put out lol

  • Anonymous

    My first reaction when I heard this was it's not as good Longterm Mentality, but this albums's definitely a grower and I'm appreciating it more and more. TDE are doing great things in the game. Hope they keep it going for a long time.

  • buckeyewu

    Im listening to it right now. All I gotta say is TDE is the shit right now. These albums remind me of Wu releases in their prime. No they are nothing like the Wu, they are completely original. However, they are similar in the fact that when you pickup a TDE album, every track has you wondering what its going to sound like. Shit is so original that you never know what its gonna sound like. And just like a classic Wu release, it gets better the more you listen to it. Replay value is off the hook. If this album keeps progressing the way it is, I'm gonna give this a 5/5 just like I did Trophies.

    • mr. tibbs

      Wow!!! Like classic Wu? Thats a little overboard. Wu now don't even sound like classic Wu? This album is cool but not as good other joints out now. OC "Trophies" is that business. Also Planet Asia "Black Belt Theater" is raw too. What Ab-Soul is doing is cool. I like the movement but he is not the caliber of artist deserving 5 stars, 3 at best and thats mainly for his message and effort. Kendrick Lamaar is the best out of that movement and Ab-Soul is no Kendrick. Not even a little bit. If you gave this a 5 branch out and get the two LP's I just mentioned

  • Chris

    Is it worth buying guys? The only hard copy I bought lately was Trophies and that shit is off the chizzle my nizzle.

  • Robert

    5/5. Topics are strong, Lyrical content is there.. this guy pretty much did something NEW in the game for once, and i like how he touches on political topics. He shows intelligence and combines it with the vibe of bein high from a O possibly. Great step for TDE.

  • Geezus

    Man, Habits and Contradictions is better than section80! Section 80 was boring as fuck to me!

    • TaZzZ

      2 great comments... Section.80=Control System>Habits & Contradictions>Follow Me Home Hence.. Kendrick=Ab Soul>Schoolboy>Jay Rock' The equals signs means i just can't decide. I'm originally a diehard kendrick fan, but after this I'm scratching my head

    • 0moreno0

      your favourite rapper must be riff raff

    • Anonymous

      If u thought section 80 was boring u simply didnt understand it

  • bizzalls

    Section 80 is garbage.

  • Marc

    PS let me guess your one of those who think Meek Mill had the Free Album of the year huh? Because something is obviously wrong with you if you thought this album sucked...This had everything people have been asking for in a Hip Hop album...Good beats, great lyricism, every track was about something different, he had good features, and he wasn't rapping about some fantasy life he living that we know he not. Sure he rapping about weed but how many people on here don't already smoke that's his lifestyle...Need I say more...? You're just dumb ass trying to hate when you have nothing to support why this album was a 1/5 stars according to you...

  • mr. tibbs

    3/5 stars its ok. His lyrics are ok his singing is actually alot better for example "Empathy" is a hot joint. The Kendrick Lamaar feature was a let down. Kendrick did his thing but that Section 80 feel wasn't their just one dude with heat and Ab-Souls' just rappin. I see he got a strong street team because aint no way 90 people giving this 5 stars unless his street team hopped online and hit this shit up. OC "Trophies is waaaay better and he got like 55 comments. IDK?

  • Emanuel Chatman

    This album is a combination of both projects from label mates Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar....Habits & Contradictions from the Section.80 kids breaking free of Control Systems simply

  • MP

    4/5 imo. So....who's better, TDE or OFWGKTA?

    • TaZzZ

      That a joke? Tyler is the best one out OF and he couldn't even wash Jay Rock's jockstrap. There is no comparing TDE to this generation because they are this generation, period. OF is a fad for angry kids with no emotional outlet and will fade into the background just like every other shitty ensemble like them..

    • Rob

      TDE by far. OF is koo, but quality wise. TDE is pushin lyrical tallent and both groups keep doing what they want to do, but in aspects of the game.. TDE is killin the game.

  • Anonymous

    Great album now I need to buy it lol

  • OG Status

    A great album overall. One of the years Top 5 releases (most likely). Witty, inspiring, thought-provoking, and Cinematic. 8.5/10 Not the least bit surprised by the score (I was anticipating it) but tbh given the relatively low scores HHDX has given 20 0r 30 albums in the past two years that truly deserved more, I will lose quite a lot of appreciation for them if they give El-P's "Cancer for Cure" less than 4.5 That would be foul. Fuck niggas who try to justify their score if its lower. its a completely reasonable opinion to say that "Cancer for Cure" is a serious Album of the year contender. The best so far for me....

  • Slruim

    Wanted to like it. But, just didn't feel it. Ab-Soul IMO can't carry an album by himself. He's alright in small quantities, but not for a whole album. Disappointed this wasn't as good as Section.80 or Habits and Contracdictions

  • LuckyLuciano

    Decent album. Didn't really like it, slow and boring. Few standout tracks but meh. Kendricks still the top dawg. Ab can't make..."hits"...but thats cool hes got some bars.

    • Ankh

      this is a revolution album and you'll only like it If you have good taste in music and understand the meaning of control system.

  • donnie Jones

    f*** anybody that didnt give this a 5 star real shit .. Hiii Power

  • donnie Jones

    fuck anybody that didnt give this a 5 star real shit .. Hiii Power

  • Mphatso Chilenga

    Well put together album. Wasn't to convinced by Ab-soul until listening to #controlsystem.

  • Donte Washington


  • Hovakraft

    Solo really came through on this one. The rap game needs BlackHippy.

  • dafinkarnik

    people don't get the meaning but still comment; MOFOS GO LISTEN TO BASED GOD ya haters

  • ps

    Boring production, horrible singing vocals, Ab is really bad and unatractive on microphone, lack of creativity.... same as Schoolboy Q LP released early this year .. pure garbage ... There are only one interisting "Black Hippy" Kendrick Lamar 1.5/5

    • 0moreno0

      you have bad taste in music and lack of understanding about control system. I suggest you start attending library to read couple books to feed your brain. there were no songs in the album about weed so I dunno what song from the album you was listening to.

    • fuckyourself

      i hope Kendrick bashes your skull in with a rock for being such a dick riding faggot, this was an excellent album that a botched abortion child like you would of course fail to appreciate.

    • ps

      I see only one "simple" thing .. that LP... "$4 Vic" alone from new El-P CD is much better than that whole poor CD

    • def

      weed bullshit? simple minds stay in your own lanes and go back to your 2 chainz. dude is obviously WAY over your head.

    • ps

      I am not a hater Ive never heard about Ab-soul before, Ive just listened the album ... dont like it, it's a weed bullshit with weak MC and gay R&B hooks... PERIOD There are so many better LP's this year.. but for me no surprise especially Hiphopdx gave to that 4.5 stars... :D

    • Anonymous

      We know you're a hater lol, this is better than Section.80.

  • YOLO HO3

    Album of the year (until kendricks)

  • Anonymous

    check out the needledrop's review of this album on youtuve...pretty accurate

  • 0moreno0

    TDE albums are money worth. I never bought an album apart from this camp. section 80, Habits and contradiction and control system are in my music collection. #Hiiipower is the movement

  • Anonymous

    Ab-soul aka Abdi has done it

  • mohammed ali

    http://www.moresureword.com/Kabala.htm just use yr mind to get to the .... !!

  • A-Pox

    This album is beautiful and brilliant.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I really loved Trophies but I think this has just topped it, album of they year so far. Just hope this isn't the peak of his career.

  • Anonymous

    TDE is in hip hop yet lil wayne sells millions wtf ?

    • @Can

      Kendrick did not remake Tha Carter 3. What kinda bullshit is that? Also, Wayne has released hot garbage after Tha Carter 2.

    • Anonymous

      Why the fuck are you talking about Wayne? Go to iTunes and buy the fucking album instead of complaining!

    • Can

      To doubt Wayne's Intellegence in the rap game is ignorant to say the least. Jay Rock and Kendrick both worked with Wayne and Ken remade the Carter III, and plus they are a young group and Wayne has been around for a decade, so go hate on Wayne somewhere else clown

  • Stefan Restuccia

    Congratulations. Good on him.

  • BangBro

    Absolutely stunned.

  • Anonymous

    this guy is one intelligent MC

  • Mike

    soul continues to make hits!

  • B__LLOYD

    Not gonna compare it to any other album/mixtape, I feel that's a disservice. However I feel it's the most important released we'll have this year even with dot dropping in September. Of all the up and coming rappers nobody is gonna be as personal as soul no matter how much they tell you they are. The niggas 23,24 years and can have you damn near in tears by the end of "book of soul" its truly a testament to what passion dedication hard work and desire sound like... Carson looking real briiight right now. @B__LLOYD

    • Shawn

      to say he's the most personal i disagree.. but he is one of the most brilliant for sure. Big K.R.I.T can definetly bring you to reality with some of his songs

    • Anonymous

      Where did you hear Kendrick is dropping in september? I'm sure they will start promoting that within a couple of weeks now that Control System is out the door.

  • Shame

    DX ya'll think this was better then Section 80? You gave 80 4 stars. Its a good album but i'd put section 80 slightly over this. Both Dope fucking albums! Wish there was a physical copy i could cop.

    • TC

      ^^^agreed... Section 80 deserves a 5. I'm 30 and 90% of the albums I consider classics to me were released in the 90s. Section 80 is one of the only albums that have been released in the past 5 years that I can see myself listening to 20 years from now. I know people like to throw the word "classic" around too easily, but in my opinion Section 80 is a definite classic.

    • Anonymous

      I think it's better, and I've never heard Ab-soul outside features and even then I never really thought he was that good.

    • chris

      agreed, although i'd keep this at 4.5 and give section 80 a 5. that shit is a classic.

    • Anonymous

      agreed....section 80 is better than this...i would give this a 4 and sect. 80 a 4.5/5

    • Anonymous

      I think if they could re-review Section.80 they would give it a 4.5, I don't think they realised how good it was until a couple of months later.

  • Anonymous

    God damn now schoolboy needs to get on his level. Praise to Ali he doesn't get enough for helping make this and section 80.

    • Hachitori

      I love Section 80, but I sometimes feel that Kendrick is trying a bit to hard. Q has a kind of effortlessness that I appreciate. Ab soul is seriously growing on me though. But damn Black Hippy sure is feeding rap back to life. I think we are seeing a resurgence that we haven't see the likes of since the 90's.

    • Anonymous

      You can't really compare any of the tde memebers. They all have a diverse style they even say that themselves.. i feel they all bring an equal amount of quality music

    • Anonymous

      habits and contradictions isnt the best album...that kept my attention for like a month and i probably wont revisit that again..sect. 80 and this are both amazing

    • Anonymous

      Q falls a long way short with lyrics. But he brings energy to tracks.

    • Anonymous

      Q's lyrics just aren't on Kendrick or Soul's level, he's got a nice flow with a lot of raw emotion and great songwriting ability but just falls slightly short when it comes to his lyrics.

    • hachitori

      Really? IMO Habits and Contradictions is the best TDE joint to date.

  • Elumination

    I respected Soul before this one but never really appreciated his talent as much as the others from TDE but I rate him above Jay Rock and possibly SchoolboyQ now, still not touching Kendrick yet though. Brilliant album, even better message! 5/5

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    Amazing Record. Very well done. My Favorite record release this year so far. 1

  • Kevin

    this album was amazing though

  • ASEE

    This review was shit. You barely talked about the album! BTW- Been listening to this for a few days now and I'm just feeling the first eight tracks at all. After that it gets hot though.

  • Trypticon

    I'm just now getting into the whole TDE/Black Hippy movement but I do not regret it at all. I listened to Ab-Souls earlier tapes last week and I cannot wait to hear #controlsystem. This dude spits the truth.

  • Joe Budden

    this is that shit!!

    • Tahiry

      Shut up you small dick-havin piece of shit. GImme back my panties that you probably wearin right now.

  • Anonymous

    this album is dope

  • Anonymous

    TDE has arguably the two best album's of the year and they could potentially drop another three (Kendrick and Rock Solo's and a Black Hippy posse album)! - Will be copping it soon as it is on the TDE Big Cartel store. - I only fuck with physicals.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, Ab-Soul's beat selection was questionable up until this album, and the production on this album is fire! - Soul never really got aggressive on a track, and it's songs like Track Two and Pineal Gland where he is spazzin that are my favorites.

  • Anonymous

    havent heard it yet , gonna take a listen

  • Malik Howard

    this is a dope album. Lyrically good and the theme of the album is good hip-hop is back with TDE!

  • Tdeinthis

    Dope! Album of the year so far! Well damn.

  • MightyMike27

    The guys an innovator like Kendrick, love the style..Probably album of the year..first album I bought in ...aaahhh, yeah i can't remember the last album I bought lol..maybe Atmosphere - Family Sign. But yeah...5/5 Ab-Soul's other albums this good?

    • Anonymous

      Nah, his beat selection has never been this good and he never really seemed this focused, still a lot of dope tracks in his catalogue prior to Control System though.

  • Danny

    Incredible album!!!

  • Anonymous

    Great album. AOTY nominee hands down.

  • Quintinb777

    I just wish that they would release hard copies of this. I'd like to support by buying, but I purchase at stores, not on the internet.

    • TDE/TNT

      Jay Rock's Follow ME Home is a physical and digital release. Section 80 & Habits and Contradictions can be brought from the Top Dawg site. These are signed copies. Control system will probably get the same treatment as Section 80 and H&C

  • yeee

    just downloaded it! fire but no money for youuuu

  • Jaws

    Good shit... lovin the black hippy movement

  • impressive

    The last time a group of artists all released accliamed and great albums, was the G-unit era, to bad these guys haven't gotten the plaques and sucess that Banks,Buck, Game all got but well see

    • chris

      Get Rich or Die Tryin wasn't better than good? oh.

    • Anonymous

      I can't think of one album released in that "era" that was better than just good. I can think of 3 Black Hippy albums in the last year that have been incredible.

  • Chi Kid

    Fuck DX why don't you give him a PERFECT 5???

  • MackB.

    SOUL !!! #1 Artist Of This Time

  • Anonymous

    SOUL !!! Number One Artist Of This Time

  • DC

    TDE aint nothin to fuck with.. Q Kendrick & Soulo droppin CLASSICS already! Now Rock gotta drop something that can stand with the rest of them

  • Rico

    1 Of The Best Albums If Not The Best Album This Year! Bin Bumpin It Non Stop Since The Second It Came Out. Oh If Your Ever Saying ''HiiiPoWeR'' Its 3 i's NO MORE NO LESS!!! Get That Shit Right!!

  • waddee1000

    TDE got the top 2 albums of 2012 so far(Habits & contradictions, control system)and Kendrick and Jay Rock havent even dropped yet not to mention a black hippy album if they wanted to do that. Itz a rap TDE got the belt right now fa sho

  • Jennifer

    I have no words to describe this album. When you listen to the songs you can pinpoint the actual control systems that we all fall victim to. I expected a lot out of this album and Ab-Soul gave me more. He put so much thought into this and people should recognize it. Buy it if you haven't.

  • het

    Ab-Soul aint nothin to boast about...now Kendrick ..he's da man

    • thatrealshit

      yeah u clearly didnt listen to this with ur full attention, or ur just not knowledgeable on the subject matter... either way the problem is u, not him

    • Rain

      Guess you skimmed through the album......smh

  • thatshitIdontlike

    Amzaing album must cop if havent.Real Hip Hop Fake rappers #thatshitIdontlike

  • John

    very good support good hip hop

  • D II

    absoul has that honest.life.experience flow that keeps your ears tune into every word. this production all the way around is a #classic. #TDE HiiPOWER!!!

    • waddee1000

      Starting to agree with you about this being a classic I get more amped everyday I listen TDE HiiiPower!!!



  • Anonymous

    Black Hippy is the new N.W.A. lyrically even better, in NWA only Cube & Eazy-E were dope

    • BH

      Cube wrote all their lyrics. Cube and Dre only real reason why NWA were dope Eazy-E got a similar sound to Ab-soul and they look pretty similar with the shades

  • Z

    He deserves a perfect FIVE like The Roots last year. Soulo is on another galaxy. He even said it " Said I was the under dawg, Turned i'm the Secret WEAPON". Long Term MENTALITY was great but this one is the greastest release in 2012 so far.

  • Jaye

    Nit better than section.80 its a new section.80

  • thatrealshit

    not a bad song on this album. creative, lyrical, and extremely enlightening. ab soul did it with this one

  • Edrees

    This album is dope!

  • D

    This is right behind Section 80. TDE over everything!

  • Jaye

    Nit better than section.80 its a new section.80

  • bawse

    not better then section.80 but very close


    Im late on the whole Ab-Soul shit, but reading the comments it seems like the album is REALLY GREAT! better than Section 80 ?

    • Anonymous

      Section.80 had better beats, and Kendrick has a better devliery. But I think some songs of here are superior, particularly "The Book of Soul". Has to be one of the deepest tracks I've ever heard.

    • Anonymous

      Personally I think it is better than Section.80 as a whole. His concepts were better and subject matter was deeper, along with being more consistent throughout the album. Section.80 was great and one of the best of 2011 no doubt, Kendrick has a better delivery overall and has better lyrical complexity (in wordplay, not subject matter) but his album just wasn't as consistent as Control System.

    • bawse

      Nah, lacks the technical ability when he spits compared to Kendrick. However lyrically its on par with it, both albums had different messages but both excellently conveyed

    • Rain

      to me it is as a whole.

  • Omar Calderon

    Ive been part of this HiiiPower movement for a min and this album practically sums up the definition Black Hippy has been trying to show people From Jay Rocks FMH, Kendricks #Section 80, ScHoolBoy q HnC and now Ab-Souls Control System and every mixtape before that and future Albums TDE HiiiPoWer oh and follow me @OmarCalderon_ lol

  • JaySwea

    This album is amazing, so was his other one.

  • Riptide

    It isn't easy to do with 17 tracks, but this is dope from the first second to the last.

  • brrrr

    Best TDE release to this day!!!soulo!!

  • tjc0mb0

    Too ill for words just go buy it. YES go buy it! support the HiiiPower movement and good music!

  • Kid Cali

    man best album of the year

  • Pascal

    Flawless album 5/5.

  • Jim Krokey

    Most underrated artist in the game. This album greatly exceeded expectations. His content is a breath of fresh air from the mess that hip-hop has become. Album of the year so far, followed by his Black Hippy counterpart ScHoolBoy Q's HnC.

  • jay

    tru dat for real. book of soul is prob. some of the most intricate lyrics ever spoken.

  • Mu

    Even though this site and others have some idiotic people commenting on shit everyday, you can really get a sense of how good a song or album is by reading the comments. Ab-Soul created a project that haters and trolls can't even talk shit about. TDE has started a REAL movement for hip-hop... not like the movements claimed by MMG and YMCMB, but a movement to restore hip-hop's artistic integrity. I own albums by Wayne, Drake, Rozay, Wale, etc. so I'm not knocking what those camps have going on. I can't even compare it what Odd Future's doing, which I also am a fan of. I'm just saying that after this release, Black Hippy has to be considered one of the best groups of EMCEES in the game. I stress the word EMCEE, because its obvious that these guys make the kind of music THEY wanna make, not just following trends and being corrupted by the "Control System" that is the corporate record label. They'll always have my support as long as they maintain this vision for hip-hop music. Hiiipower!!

  • Believe

    This album is a 9/10 for me. I don't believe there is an album that is truly perfect, and thus 10/10, but this album comes REALLY close. Just straight up quality music all the way through. I've been bumping it at least once per day since I bought it. Easily the best release from this year with Habits and Contradictions on its heels. It's only $9. I recommend making a purchase. Support quality music

  • Gunner50718

    Who is the one guy who didnt give this a 5/5?

  • chris

    Pretty dope album, very deep for some of us. Not my fav work from Soul however, I prefer his style in the song "Turn me up" Ft. Kendrick. Overall a grea album, just not quite my style, and that why I love BLACK HIPPY! Each memeber has their own identity, which is VERY hard in todays music industry!

  • Rain

    Yo this album was just like Section 80 at first, It took several listens to digest everything. But with Control System Something just felt better to me than Section 80. Of course ab-soul not a better rapper than Kendrick but the way he puts everything together is better in my book. I also feel his story telling and his delivery hits me harder as a listener. The production was great. The only 2 mediocre songs were Sopa and Lust demon and they're not bad. I have a tone of favorite songs on here but if I had to pic 3 it would be Terrorist Threats, The Book of SOul and Illuminate. And and my boy DANNY Brown destroyed that song, dude is a beast too. I love TDE and I think they have the best group out. Great album , glad I purchased it.

  • Gunner50718

    Great album from Soul.

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion this album of the year for at least right now.

  • Anonymous

    HipHopDX finally gets it.

  • Tyccon

    Ab-Soul is an artist I can get outside the box for. Different, super lyrical, and interesting all the way through. Black Hippy is for real.

  • Anonymous

    my soul is dancing

  • ItsTheTruth

    The people calling this album a classic are the ones who understand the meaning behind it. The cover art, the names of the tracks. Bohemian Grove, Pineal Gland, SOPA, etc...If you don't see how all of these tracks connect with each other and with the cover art than you will not see this album is a classic. But this project is one of the most original pieces of work and the message is enlightening. That's why it is a classic.

  • Xeno

    Great improvement since Longterm Mentality! Actually Kendrick is my favorite from TDE but I have to admit this is not worse than Section.80.

  • DharmaOfDope

    Awesome review, and possibly best album of 2012.

  • Marc

    For every track being different lyrically, the beat quality, lyrical quality, and features...This was no doubt one of the best albums of 2012 that honestly the Hip Hop game really needed! He aint rapping money, cars, clothes, taking people's girls because he got money, or selling drugs when he didn't, and he not talking about killing people...Im glad finally someone stepped outside the box and rapped about something different. Ab-Soul gets 5 stars by me!

  • Kyle

    Black Hippy takin over. TDE. HiiiPower

  • b

    Control System, 4EvaNADay, #HnC, Take Me To Your Leader, Straight, No Chaser... THis year been fire.

    • Xeno

      Yes it was! But Straight No Chaser doesn't belong to that list of great albums. Reks probably did his thing and was lyrically on point but Statik could have done much better. You should add First Serve instead tho.

  • Pace

    CLASSIC. HIP HOP CLASSIC. And there's just nothing else to say, truth be told though, I actually felt this more than Section80. Real talk, Soulo is my number one outta TDE, I hope these motherfuckers blow up bigger than g unit... but prob not, cause they speak that real shit.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite Album of the year so far. Ab-Soul is on another level. Get at me on twitter @whoispauljr

  • mark

    he's definitely top 2 in tde

  • jon

    fucking phenomenal. What the game's been missing

    • def

      eminem is one of the best emcees alive but he has NEVER released any songs with the depth of subject matter that are on this album

    • Jack

      Ppl throw Em up there with the legends cuz he's fucking skilled and will rap circles around your favorite rapper. This is coming from a black guy.

    • Jya

      Em is definetely up there with the legends. Gtfoh.

    • Anonymous

      You're white. Eminem does not have "multiple classics" and the only album even close to being a classic if it is is MMLP. White boys love to just throw Eminem in there with legends just cuz he made them listen to hip-hop. Eminem can rap but his disography makes him not up to par with the rest so stop throwing him into those groups just cuz he made you white boys listen to hip-hop.

    • Anonymous


  • Jay

    Not an instant classic suck my balls people lmao but top 3 releases this year in my opinion

  • Anonymous

    Easily rivals RAP music for hip-hop album of the year so far. What makes this album great is its consistency. It has 17 songs, and they're all good. He has a balance of subject matter, concepts, wordplay, flow & delivery, nice beats, etc. I predicted Ab-Soul was going hard with this album the moment I heard Terrorist Threats (only song I heard from his at the time) and I was right.

  • Sebastian

    Black Hippy following through. Never heard of anything from Ab until this album, it takes a while to get used to his style but once you do shit sounds amazing.

  • brizzy

    I hate "instant classic" hyperbole... but this really is. Great review. Please release on CD.

  • MosDef

    Idk bout instant classic lol but sure is a dope ass album! Lets not get carried away. Good stuff nonetheless

  • Emmanuel

    Instant classic!!!