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The most persuasive moments of Kaliko's 17-track effort stick to a rugged and uncompromising formula.

Strange Music is an army. With Tech N9ne posted up as its general, the Kansas City cabal has successfully entrenched its roots across the underground strata of the Rap map. Independent, self-sufficient, and known for releasing music hooked around high-octane raps, the Strange Music message has spread globally. Now it's the turn of the movement's second-in-command, Krizz Kaliko, to build on Tech's Klusterfuck EP from earlier this year. Although for all of Kickin' & Screamin's virtues it too often flirts with diluting the Strange Music battle cry.

The most persuasive moments of Kaliko's 17-track effort stick to a rugged and uncompromising formula. On opener "Dancing With Myself," he raps with heart over a robust beat interwoven with misshapen synth lines: "How you make it when you fat, black and you rap wack to the naked ear?/ Eleven years and I never even should have made it here/ When you a freak of nature they hate you/ Stacks of paper can save you/ And take the chances they gave you/ These major labels enslave you." As the sentiment hits home, he sounds like he's reciting a pledge of allegiance to the Strange Music cause. Kaliko's team up with Tech N9ne and Twista, "Kill Sh*t," is as ferocious and lyrically intense as you'd expect, while "Mayday," in cahoots with Chamillionaire and Rittz, is similarly defiant. Business as planned, then.

At times, Kickin' And Screamin' veers off-track to diminishing effect. With its poppy, '60s sheen, "Kali Baby" sounds like Kaliko's been misled by the early-era Beach Boys tracks on his iPod, "Dumb For You" features an unnecessary T-Pain hook tainting a slinky, stripped-down Timbaland-style production, and "Species" sounds like Lil Wayne karaokeing his way through Outkast's "Funky Ride" after being intimately tampered with by aliens. Instead of offering the project depth, these schizophrenic tangents make the album something to skip and pick through.

At the onset of Kickin' And Screamin', Kaliko vows, "If they don't understand my music/ And no one else is dancing to it/I'm dancing with myself." It's a resolute statement, but it's one perhaps no longer true: Thanks to Strange Music's growth, its artists aren't quite the lone rap soldiers they once were. Now they need to focus on making sure their propaganda stays on point.


  • tokeyupinthisbich

    balls ya bitch im tellen you this

  • tokeyupinthisbich

    wow looky here i see shit clear n yeah ive had 3 beers but that dont mean shit n fuckpromises.....

  • Technician

    one of the best albums i've ever heard :D unstable is in the top 10 of all the time for me :)

  • Andrew

    Y'all are forgetting to mention that Seven absolutely KILLED 15 out of the 17 tracks on this album. Gotta be the most interesting set of beats alongside HSCP2.

  • KZZ

    he sold out big time... smh

  • Maxxx

    No, Hip Hop DX, Krizz is dancing with himself and hes talking about things like you. Every song he does is incredibly unique and genius. He did a song with T-Pain and made the songs like species to try and "slow it down" so people like you critics can actually get it

  • skylarker

    oooo i love the way he rapss

  • mood

    perfect five kali murdered it

  • Robert

    Krizz Kaliko's "Kickin' & Screamin" was the first CD I bought in a long time. After listening to it, I couldn't believe how much creativity and passion was in this CD. My mind was completely blown. A week later I went back to Best Buy to pick up another CD. So I picked up Big Scoob, Kutt Kalhoon, & Tech N9ne (6 & 7/ Collabos) And also Krizz Kaliko (his first one). I love Krizz and Tech! But I felt like it a was a huge down grade to listen to Big Scoob. Kutt was not that bad but I got use to it. Krizz is my idol and Tech is my hero. Biggest fan.

  • Anonymous

    hey idiot, "kali baby" used the song "Sherry" by the Four Seasons. YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MUSIC YOU ASS

  • Anonymous


  • mark

    5 st*r!! No Less KRIZZ U CRAZY BEST ALBUM

  • Murderhead Is Coming II

    Why do people get so touchy over Strange Music and Slaughterhouse? If the reviewer thought the album was average, then he is entitled to his opinion.

  • Arran

    Beastly up, I bought this album straight away, its gold, Kali Baby!

  • Anonymous

    youtube Mafi G2 Green Nation

  • dylan

    Forget for just one moment, the battle cry of the label. Set aside the obvious and well deserved assault against the mainstream music industry. Drop the politics and listen to the music - then write a review. Phillip Mlynar writes like a foot solider of Clear Channel. It's fairly clear that the editorial review and the consumer reviews vary IMMENSELY. When that happens, either your writer is retarded - or everyone else is. Do the math. This album shatters the rules of music, especially the rap genre - which has been stuck in a predictable formula for over a decade. When was the last time you heard an album that ran the gamut on genres like this? You have reggae, hard rock, dubstep, 1950's duwop all rolled into one insanely well thought out disc. The beats will shatter your speakers, the lyrics will twist your ears and the harmonies will glisten your eyes. As an artist - Krizz Kaliko is probably one of the most complete packages in recent history. Sounds like a bold claim, but just think about it. He can write the rap verse, sing the soul chorus, and throw in a rock-tinged verse. Typically, to accomplish this, a rapper would have to bring in 3 or 4 people for a collab. Krizz does it all...and in the process he makes your mainstream, dumbed down, plastic, regurgitated, fake gangster pop look even more sad. congrats to strange, fire this writer.

    • dylan

      An essay? HAHA! I'm sure you did great in school. "Shut up" - valid retort. Impressive. I didn't put much effort into this, I'm just naturally gifted with the English language. You are obviously not so fortunate. I would be mad too. Go make that minimum wage and bump "above average ass" albums like Drake. (This is you losing) Shut up.

    • Anonymous

      Shut up. You've used so much effort to write an essay justifying why you like this average ass album.

  • Anonymous

    Its alright but the last few Strange releases been kind of run of the mill to me 3/5

  • Hill Billy Jones

    Hill Billy Jones gave it a 5

  • huh?

    Y'all cats are blindly biased (commenters)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah there's a reason the artists at Strange "aren't the lone rap soldiers they once were." Probably because enough people finally caught on to the fact that they release as many quality albums every year as most labels do in their entire existance. I've listened to K&S probably 6 times now, and it doesn't get old

  • HHMGPromo Crunchy Black is back!! check him out

  • buckeyewu

    That Abu Dhabi track is fucking dope! I cant wait to hear that shit.

  • Anonymous

    Propaganda? I personally don't believe that was the best word to use in the last sentence because of its negative connotation. Other than that, this was a genuine review.

  • Anonymous

    I'm a fan of Strange, and this album was about a 4. Review was not as terrible as these stans make it out to be, but there were quite a few disagreeable points the reviewer tried to make.

  • Jeff

    welp.... I made some typos :[

  • Jeff

    PHILLIP MLYNAR, you sir, are an absolute moron. If I am understand your review correctly, you're saying that because Krizz Kaliko can expand his music beyond rap and hip-hop "...Kickin' And Screamin' veers off-track to diminishing effect." and "business as usual"? That does not make sense to me, because as some one who truly appreciates the artistry behind hip-hop it awesome to see Strange Music break the chains of the complete shit that the mainstream labels have been coming out with for the past twenty years. You also call Strange Music's message "propaganda" do you even know what that word means? You are saying that because Tech N9ne can spread his music without the help of a multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporation that their message is propaganda? I suppose saying, "Kali delivers with another creative and original album! 'How you make it when you fat, black and you rap wack to the naked ear?/ Eleven years and I never even should have made it here/ When you a freak of nature they hate you/ Stacks of paper can save you/ And take the chances they gave you/ These major labels enslave you.' is a shout out to what REAL rap and hip-hop is all about, and they've been successfully and positively pushing this message for twenty plus years." Would probably get you fired, as it does not support and promote the major corporations that write your check. I understand why you wrote the review you did. But filling the televisions of the world with messages like dealing drugs is cool, doing drugs are even cooler, women are just bitches who can be replaced at my disposal, and swag and money are what define a person aren't propaganda? Seriously........ The only part of this review I will agree with you on is the unnecessary song with T-Pain. But anyways, the album goes and it goes hard. It has everything from certified street bangers that will push your subs to the very max, to emotional and thought provoking power ballads (the only phrase as I can use to describe them, although it is rarely, if ever, used to describe rap and hip-hop). If you are a fan of REAL music you will defiantly be a fan of this album. If you are a fan of the bullshit the mainstream labels shove down your throats and call "music", you probably won't be the biggest fan. In my opinion if you can't enjoy, or at least appreciate, this album you must have been completely lobotomized at birth. Any one with half a brain can figure out that this is REAL rap/hip-hop with REAL artistry. This album is not 17 freestyles of the dome with Lex Luger produced beats. It's creative, genre pushing, and well thought out. Shout out to Big Krizz Kaliko for keeping it real and making Strange fans ecstatic yet again. The ONLY label that doesn't constantly tell you they are the greatest label yet constantly disappoint. Great album dude, I hope you, Tech, and Strange keep making some of the greatest rap and hip-hop for twenty more years!

    • scotty8it

      u are the fucking man jeff.

    • buckeyewu

      Thank you for that. WTF should hip hop artists expand beyond rapping. I wish some of these reviewers would realize that rapping is one of the original elements of hip hop. Singing and pop music is not.

    • Jeff

      I agree with you 100% IZM! Just because people are waking up, and the mainstream is becoming Tech, doesn't mean I have to like T-Pain haha I've watched a few interviews with him and he seems like a decent guy with a decent head on his shoulders, I'm just not a fan of autotune. Even though he was smart enough to make his own plug-in he calls "The T-Pain effect". Gotta respect him, don't have to like him. There is no limit to the human creative consciousness so there is no limit to what Strange Music can accomplish! STRANGE MUSIC FOR LIFE!!!!!!!

    • IZM

      Here, here...and I also agree with the T-Pain point, although I am not a fan of generally anything that T-Pain comes out with or is affiliated with so for me its a given. Tech stated in All 6's & 7's that "Tech won't go mainstream, mainstream will go Tech" and this for me applies to many of recent Strange Music albums. I've been a fan for a while but they just keep getting better and better and Kicking & Screaming is a fine example of that. This is an amazing Hip-Hop album, so so good that non-hip-hop fans will be pumping this in there stereo - it's far from pop but I could see it getting similar acclaim. Question is; is there any limit to Strange Music's ability?!

    • davie darko

      well said , very well said from artist Davie Darko of australia

  • Anonymous

    his best yet!!! Strange music is killin the shit right now! Top Notch hip hop!...... PAY ATTENTION TO THE TRACK "MAYDAY"

  • landon816

    Yall Messed up on the review, This album is a fuckin masterpiece!! KALI BABY!!!

  • Anonymous is a joke of a hiphop site

  • Mike

    Genius album,nuff said

  • firealarm

    the reviewer obviously doesn't know anything about Krizz Kaliko

  • Critical

    This reviewer says schizophrenic?????????Welp they surely dont know the true essence of Strange Music.They are not sticking to one theme or type of beat on their music.Going from songs like Species to Kali Baby,you HAVE to respect the 5/5 originality of this album,you have a man here with a Beautiful voice and strong lyricism killing shit and "making sure they propaganda stays on point" ???????? Nahhh Man,all they gonna do is keep making beautiful Music and we gonna keep buying.

  • One

    This reviewer aint knowin'.

  • IZM

    Disregard the review above..."it too often flirts with diluting the Strange Music battle cry." makes me wonder if they actually listened to any of STRANGE's albums. This is a solid, diverse and eargasmic audio treat - Kali definately will not be dancing with himself.

  • hubcapface

    Great, great album....yet again from Krizz and Strange

  • Nick

    All in all, the above review places the album (for the most part) in the trash because it is ORIGINAL. If we let reviews like this get placed under great albums, then we're to blame for letting bad music stem out because one person on a big website is low blowing real talk. I have not been able to find so much talent and diversity across all tracks in one single album in a long time. Kickin' & Screamin' 5/5

  • Andrew

    Looks like HipHopDX will be looking for a new review column writer soon. This cd is well written and well produced. It tango's with the new and daring, pays homage to the old styles that many have forgotten. Better than that... How could you write a review on a cd after claiming to understand what his entire label is trying to do as a whole, and incorporating that into the review of the cd. While it was well deserved to say such nice things about the label... As an admin would say, you posted this in the wrong message board. 5/5 KALI BABY!


    the whole album was sick even "dumb for you" with the hunterish sample come on now you knw that shit was hard.

  • EagleTalon

    I think the point that is sorely missed by this journalist, and what many of these fans are trying to get at is that Strange Music is about... Well... Music! While, primarily, they are a hip hop conglomerate, anyone who truly knows Tech, Kali, Kutt, or anyone on the roster, knows that they take inspiration from MUSIC! There is no genre they can't conquer. There is no limit on their capabilities. And this reviewer makes a claim like "Strange Music's formula"?!?! Strange has transformed music. They're last few releases have been, hands down, musical masterpieces. Mayday, Prozak, Kali and Tech have evolved and elevated the quality of music that true Strangers know and are proud to listen to. Music as a whole needs more Strange!

    • Anonymous

      True that homeboy! Strange Music has completely changed the expectations of what it takes to actually be able to say that you are an actual artist in the hip hop world. Tech and his whole crew have been doing it tough for a long time. Those guys get to participate in something very special, being a part of a dream-team Filled group of talented artists who can continue to make great music without giving in to the mainstream way of overproducing (auto-tune or Drake) and destroying hip hop. And they make great money regardless of how many people download their music on the internet, because the strange music crew will perform the best live show you have ever seen.So they get the opportunity to be dope artists and still maintain true to what an artists really are.

  • RECK


  • MArcus HK Warfield

    Not only is Phillip Mlynar retarded but apparently he thinks that Krizz and the camp should start pretending instead of innovating... "Thanks to Strange Music's growth, its artists aren't quite the lone rap soldiers they once were. Now they need to focus on making sure their propaganda stays on point." Dumbest review ever from someone who really knows nothing about strange music or their messages and purpose. I never doubted this industry having scum take shots at greats but this right here solidifies how much I would love to see the reviewers, new "swag" artists, and crap radio/tv promoters cease to exist. Yes, you all should burn in the hell you created, along with religion in it's entirety.

  • anonymous

    up there with Genius for me, nice album but Dumb For You should've been left off definitely

  • Anonymous

    We need the people who write the review's to either quit, or to have a open mind like good journalist do. Kali Baby is so different, it throws sheep like you off cause your not being re-fed the same commercial garbage you prefer. I take Kali Baby for what it is, a funky 60's hip hop experiment.

    • MArcus HK warfield

      THANK YOU!!! These dicks don't know what they're talkin about that's why STRANGE is STRANGE!!!

  • CaesarDuke

    What the type of review is this I have never read a reviewer that has dissed an rapper to the extent that this guy has done. Whatever I'm still going to support Krizz Kaliko forever a fan Kali Baby!!!!!

  • John Honson

    Kali killed it!

  • jakesoules

    excellent album, horrid review. Krizz is eccentric, get over it Phillip Mylnar

    • Anonymous

      +1 to both comments.

    • No Sucka MCs

      Agreed. Something tells me that if Krizz had NOT diversified himself a bit within the album, they'd have complained that there wasn't enough variety in the tracks. Choose a side.

  • Berwa H. Mahmod

    FUCK the one that wrote this review. Totally misguiding people! FIRE THIS SOB!!!

  • Sammishen

    crazy ass album

  • willy raymond

    how can you compare KRIZZ KALIKO "THE GENIUS" to lil wang? fuckin retarded review...GREAT ALBUM KALI!

  • Greg

    Definatley Kali's best album, agreed only low point was Kali baby, and how can you say it is a pick and skip album if you as the reviewer only dislike 3 of the songs? Smh Lol either way Definitley worth getting

  • Joe

    The only negative thing I agreed with was the Kali Baby track...that I probably could've done without and is the only track I'd skip. But I thought Dumb for You and Species were awesome. Another great album from Strange, nothing less than what I expected

  • Anonymous

    solid album from Krizz

  • J2JWA

    I just got my pre-order and i loved every song, Kickin' & Screamin' is the shit and awsome, "Dumb for you" was weak but i liked all of it, this album deserves 5 stars, one of the best i've heard in awhile.

  • x360Mx_cmpaul96


  • Anonymous

    Krizz is talented at rapping but the end product is half dope half corny, If your new to the strange music sound its different and hard to get into. Its literally strange music.


    What!? This review is crazy. I thought the album was straight fire from beginning to end. The weakest track, in my opinion, was "Dumb for You," but even then I don't completely mind it. I love this album. Another Kali-classic!

  • TaZzZ

    Proud to have been rid in with these dudes for years... Strange Music is the most talented all around label maybe ever. They're Auerbach's Celtics of the rap game. Can't wait to see the whole crew live in June... As for this album, fucking awesome. Anyone who argues Kali can't handle a whole album is retarded. Dude has more styles than anyone goin, Tech included. Not to say he's a better rapper, but without Krizz the Strange Music sound just wouldn't be the same. He murders basically every song, doesn't get outshined on a single track... Best Kali release yet, 4/5

  • T.N.T

    this guy PHILLIP MLYNAR is a idiot this album deserves five stars! Kaliko's new album shits on everything that dropped this year! It's way better than Future Rick Ross Lil Wayne Drake Nicki Minaj 2 Chainz and even better than Tech N9ne's Klusterfuk! So to read this dude's half ass review is an insult! He talks about Strange's formula like they should rap about the same stuff every track THAT IS NOT WHAT STRANGE MUSIC IS ABOUT! IT STANDS FOR DIVERSITY IN STYLES CONTENT AND IMAGE NOT RAPPING THE SAME TOPICS OVER AND OVER! HIPHOPDX PLEASE GET A BETTER JOURNALIST TO REVIEW THIS ALBUM!!!

  • Rob

    Damn! Did i really read this review right? Hatin like crazy. I think he did his thing, if you listen to his old stuff too, its jus progressing from that. i dnt think he went off topic of StrangeMusic's way of rap.. i think hes jus putting his own touch on what he has ALWAYS been doing. what i dont understand is that you throw in a few common names in the list of ft. for tracks and its all of a sudden MainStream. Nawh, its not. And dont compare other mainstream ppl to this, throw some underground into it. I dont know if either HHDX is jus not to fond of underground mc's or producers, or jus likes to use mainstream names towards albums that come across "missunderstood" as great. I give this album 5/5. STRANGEMUSIC ALL DAY

  • Stephen Tetrault

    Love this album ... Can't wait to actually buy it tomorrow!!

  • Mark Cooper

    Amazing start to finish!

  • timm

    I think this is by far Krizz's best album. Only track on the entire thing that is slightly skippable is the T-Pain track and even that one isn't that bad. So many different styles wrapped up in this disc. I think he's one of the best all-around performers in the game; an amazing singer and very sick rapper. His older albums didn't have enough rap on them, though, and I thought alot the older rap tracks felt alittle too generic. He raps way more than ever on this disc (I think only one or two straight singing tracks, tops?) This new album is classic all the way through. I'd put it above All 6s and 7s, even. 5/5

  • Kali Baby

    just listened to this ish now, gotta say its real talk man. kali does it again, best ish ive heard from dude so far. get this album fam its worth every cent

  • z

    In a nut shell this review is saying that some songs on this album are not good because that's not what's expected to come out of strange music. One thing I do know about strange music is that despite their core style of music being lyrical rap they are are very good at venturing of to do many styles.

    • timmm

      yep. This album embodies what Strange Music is all about, so I don't get where they are comin from there. Wonder if we'll see a Prozak review?

  • Frontline


  • Shadow TSx3

    This album is absolutely amazing! He mixes his raw, smooth style, wild part antics and his sad, cold story together brilliantly! This album features far more emotional content, which is something that the longterm fans have been waiting for a long time. This surely has to be his best work by a COUNTRY mile. There is literally nothing I can say to criticise this album. Thank you, Krizz, for making music like this and changing lives. Please keep it going! STRAAAAANGE!! Music.

    • timmm

      Word. Created a Monster going into Hello Walls, the way the songs flow together, is perfect. The production on those tracks are simply amazing. Props to Seven for producing the majority of this album, and in the process making a masterpiece.

  • firealarm

    great album! Maybe one or two mediocre songs but still a great album and probably some of Kali's best work.

  • z

    Haha, this review is silly, I don't even know a lot about strange music , but I do know that this whole album is purely good music , and 3.5 is just not reflecting the albums quality

    • T.N.T

      exactly this album is the best to drop this year compared to all the other wack bullshit like Future's Pluto! How dare this nigga even compare Kali's Species song to Lil Wayne KALI SINGS AND RAPS WAY BETTER THAN YMCMB'S WHOLE ROSTER!!! I HATE MAINSTREAM MEDIA SITES!!!

  • Hollandd

    Creativity own style mixin it up cmon this guys as original and dope as they come

  • Anonymous

    I can understand where the reviewer is coming from but this deserves 4 stars minimum.

  • ErrorFile

    Why not 4 stars? This album deserves it! Strange Music is looking good on this year.

  • hmmm

    I think his last album was stronger. That dubstep shit ain't a good sound.

  • Ali HHA

    Kill Shit have fuckin dope rhymes , best track of LP !

  • Ali HHA

    Spaz Spaz Spaz !!! :D

  • Anonymous

    every dayz every nightz

  • badman

    love strange music! heard like 5 songs so far, they are so badass.

  • Lynch

    This album is hot,but its shame that no Lynch verse is there.

  • Tech N9ne

    Mayday,Krizz,Tech,Lynch,Prozak,Stevie Stone-Shit look strong in this year

  • dgh

    Strange Music is takin over this year!

  • Poland

    This album is sick.