Tech N9ne recently spoke with MTV’s Buzzworthy, reflecting back on how he was influenced musically as a kid. During the interview, he said he wanted to be like Public Enemy’s Chuck D and N.W.A.’s Ice Cube, but he was also reared on gospel music and rock thanks to his family members.

“Growing up in KC, my family was really diverse when it came to music. I was really diverse deep in the church. My family had me in the choir and everything. So I had the gospel there. Next door was Blowfly, ‘Rapp Dirty,'” he said. “My uncles were into rock and roll, stuff like Lyndard Skynard, stuff like that. I had rap. I had everything. I think my music is a reflection of all of that. Public Enemy and the N.W.A. era, that’s what made me want to write my music and learn more. To put more into my lyrics. Of course, you start off, and you want to be like somebody. So I wanted to be like Ice Cube.”

Watch the full interview below, as well as a clip of Tech taking MTV on a tour of his Strange Music headquarters.

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