Arrest Warrant Issued For Wiz Khalifa

Khalifa didn't appear in court yesterday (August 6) and a warrant is now out for his arrest.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Wiz Khalifa, according to TMZ.  

The rapper reportedly did not appear in court yesterday (August 6) for a marijuana-related charge in El Paso, Texas

He was arrested in May for attempting to smuggle weed on an airplane. 

Following the arrest, the rapper posted an image of himself from inside of the cell he was being held in. This prompted an investigation regarding security at the jailhouse. 

In July, Wiz said he has been arrested for marijuana-related issues 21 times

For more on Wiz, view the DX Daily below.



  • Kenyaspeaks

    At some point you just move to Colorado.

  • lol

    you hiphopdx commentators are lame as fuck..dont yall have something better to do then insult a random person while acting like internet gangsters? i think its interesting how you can see what the Powers That Be have done to the minds of society through their programming, especially to you supposed fans of hiphop. Simple creatures that thrive off hatred and ignorance. how unfortunate

  • Anonymous

    Saw this lesbian "perform" on the Jimmy Fallon show the other night. Probably one of the most God-awful things I've ever witnessed. He was trying to sing. It wasn't working. And the raps were horrid too. From what people tell me, this dude used to be decent. Judging by the performance the other night, dude is dookie.

  • chadmo

    the man is killin it on tour right now, tgod

  • randy

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  • Anonymous

    So what he missed a weed court date big damn deal. For all of you making jokes about the man compare your bank statement against his see what kind of jokes you have then.

    • Anonymous

      Ladies and gents, your typical retarded Wiz stan comment. So what if Wiz has more money? He's still a wack ass queer wearing girls clothing.

    • Grady

      You stupid little kids will never learn ONCE AGAIN WIZ DOESNT GIVE A FUCK SO WHY SHOULD YOU? SO WHAT ABOUT THE BANK STATEMENT HIS BANK STATEMENT IS BETTER THAN YOURS SO THAT DOESNT MAKE HIM A FLAMER IT MAKES YOU A BROKE LITTLE HATEFUL BITCH!! LMFAO let me quit fuckin wit you lil ignorant will never get it doo-doo draws muthafuckas

    • Anonymous

      "For all of you making jokes about the man compare your bank statement against his see what kind of jokes you have then." A nigga with his bank account should be able to show up to court or send someone to handle that for him. No need to be getting arrest warrants issued when you're on his level unless you're desperately seeking some publicity and street cred before the new album drops because everyone thinks you're a flamer like Wiz.

    • Anonymous

      dude you still at it about that? I made my point have a nice day my sweet little stan

    • Anonymous

      You obviously gave a fuck if you're still commenting. Relax, kid. It's just people joking around, nothing more. We'll see how much Wiz gives a fuck when he's in a cell. As for the Pacman thing, he caught feelings like you did. All Luda did was post a funny picture that many other people have posted before. For Pacman to beat up Luda over a fucking picture would be a dumbass decision that could affect his career. Both of you need a sense of humor. And you don't have the balls to slap anyone over them not agreeing with you (that's some punk shit).

    • Anonymous

      First off not catching feelings because at the end of the day I could give a fuck less not my business. Im just making an observation about how petty people can be. Some of you are about to bust a nut in your pants cause this dude missed a court date for some fuckin weed!! Obviously Wiz dont give a shit so neither of you should. As far as the Pacman thing goes Luda dont know him like that so first chance he get he should knock the dog shit outta Luda. As for you since you wanna be my stan so bad I will slap the shit outta you when I see you! Now go eat some cheese and cookies you fuckin dirty little kid

    • SMH

      What's the big deal? Being thrown in jail is the big deal.

    • Anonymous

      Damn. You caught feelings faster than a hooker catching an STD. You're making a big deal out of people making jokes just like Pac Man threatening Ludacris because of a picture he posted on his Instagram. You really need to lighten up because you sound like a miserable stan. If anything, YOU'RE hating on people for having different opinions. Also, if you're gonna bring up something, let it something of relevance to the topic, not of irrelevance. Bringing up another man's pockets makes you sound like a groupie. Another thing, why defend someone you claim not to be a fan of?

    • Anonymous

      Not a fan of wiz Im just bringing up the fact that miserable people like you like to hate on people and make shit seem worse than what it is. HE MISSED A WEED COURT DATE BIG FUCKING DEAL happens everyday! Now since you want to be my Stan hereS what you can do GET OFF MY DICK AND TELL YO MOTHER TO COME HERE!! BTW I can bring up what the fuck I wanna bring up, dickheads like you bring up the fact that you are sorry as fuck all the time but I dont complain about it

    • Anonymous

      Typical stan bringing up another man's bank account which means nothing and doesn't affect anything.

  • Anonymous

    Lol well good thing he's on a god awful tour with an awful roster, otherwise people might know where his next stop will be...phew close one wiz, good thing you make absolute trash music now and brought an auto tune army with you...jeez no idea why Tyga backed out...

  • Anonymous

    hahaaaa atlantic told wiz not to go to court cuz itll give him more publicity

  • Anonymous

    bubba is gonna turn that asshole of his black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow

    • Anonymous

      damn dude he prolly spent like 5 min tryin to think of that joke I would've went with something more recent like "he better watch his ass in the shower cuz when dem boys come thru hes gunna be like "hol up hol up hol up"

    • Anonymous

      You know from experience do you?

  • theBavarianIlluminati

    Glad our tax money is going to good use.

    • Anonymous

      that's what we gotta do dude...not tell these deadbeat ass parents to get on their job so their kids stop looking up to a chief keef or a wiz khalifa but we should just kill them **BANGBANG***

    • Anonymous

      Gotta clean up the streets, get the junkies to stop brainwashing the youth into becoming over feminine addicts.

  • Anonymous

    what a clown. this is probably to promote that new album he cant really be this dumb. he could have sent a lawyer. "i was gonna go to court today, but then i got high" -

  • Anonymous

  • jimjim

    stupid muthafuckas man these niggas get dum by the years they should deal with his ass

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