Charlamagne Tha God Says Iggy Azalea "Won" This Year While Nicki Minaj Took A Break

Charlamagne responds to Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" cover art, says those who saw the cover should be "happy and appreciative."

Although Jamaica, Queens rapstress Nicki Minaj took home the win for Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the 2014 BET Awards when pitted against fellow artist Iggy Azalea, radio personality Charlamagne recently shared his belief that Iggy should have taken home the award in that category.

He says that Iggy “won the championship” while Nicki chose to take the year off. The Power 105.1 radio host also added that it would have been “dope” if BET let the Australian rapper win the Best Female Hip Hop Artist award.

“A lot of the Barbs got upset with me because I said Iggy Azalea was gonna win Best Female Artist at the BET Awards this year,” Charlamagne said during an interview with VladTV. “I genuinely felt that way. It’s like watching the Miami Heat play the San Antonio Spurs. Iggy had a great year this year. She won the championship, but Nicki is LeBron. She’s still the best player on the planet. You know what I’m saying? But I just felt like Iggy had a better year…Yo, clap for her. She’s a superstar…Nicki raps circles around Iggy Azalea. But Iggy got star power. Iggy—I said it three years ago when I first met Iggy. I’m like ‘This chick gon’ be a superstar.’ The game has never had a white female rapper. Never. That’s been successful. Nicki kinda took the year off…I just thought it would have been dope if BET would have, you know, let Iggy win that award.”

Charlamagne, who described himself as “an objective fan” of Nicki Minaj, also commented on the Young Money artist’s much-talked about “Anaconda” cover art. He says it was a move the rapper didn’t have to make and added that those who saw the cover should have been “happy and appreciative.”

He later brought Lil Kim into the conversation, explaining that Kim rapped mostly about sex while Nicki does more with her music.

“Nicki definitely doesn’t need to do it,” he said. “She’s a dope emcee. We like her because of her music. We like her personality. But it literally is a huge asset to have. The fact that she doesn’t have to do it, but she still chooses to share that with us, we should be happy and appreciative and applaud her. ‘Yes, Nicki. That’s what’s up. I like when you put pasties on your nipples and show us your breasts. I like when you show us your ass.’ Cause to me, Nicki—You have some emcees, female emcees who’ve done nothing but sell sex. You know what I mean? Like Lil Kim back in the day. She sold sex. Even though she could rap, but a lot of it was sex…It was sex, sex, sex, sex, sex. Nicki does more than that in her music. But the fact that she—like I said still chooses to give us some of that sometime, that’s a plus.”

In addition to Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea, other artists included in the Best Female Hip Hop Artist category at this year’s BET Awards were Charli Baltimore, Eve, and Angel Haze.




  • Anonymous


  • Harold Z

    I can care less abut Iggy because I actually listen to albums and mixtapes, and even if Nicki Minaj went through a pop experiment period, she made millions from it and did it successfully, while this Australian chic only got hot from a chorus on Fancy. The chorus and beat makes the song. Her lyrics are dry as fuck. Iggy cant rap for shit. Point, blank, period. Nicki's freestyles and features have all been fire; she snapped on everything, there's no denying that. Charlemagne is a hawk-face-ass nigga, and flip flops between who he cosigns. He's surprised Nicki's fans came at him when his thirsty ass posted on twiter, "What are all ya Stans gonna do when Iggy wins Best Female?" He is surprised people came at him tho... I can't wait for someone to swing at him again and post that shit up on YouTube again. Saying Iggy had the better year is irrelevant when her song with Charli Xcx only got hot 2-3 months ago. Last time I checked, everyone was on Nicki's dick for her snappin on Boss Ass Bitch, Danny Glover Remix, Yaas Bitch, and of course her bars on Lookin Ass Nigga. Nicki over Iggy any day. I fucks with Nicki, I'm not a huge fan/barb, but I give her credit for the shit she do. Real Nigga shit

  • Lil' Wayne

    Nicki been flopping since Roman Reloaded. It was all downhill from there. Her time is already done. Stop making excuses for her. She's OLD as fuck too. Iggy is only like 23. Nicki is like a whole fucking decade and generation older than her! IGGY >> Sicki Garbage

  • Manthony

    Ok, seriously this ONE crown, ONE Queen Bullsh*t must really come to an end. This manufactured concept is what has held females back in Hip Hop and limited consumer choice and thus DEPRIVED us all of great female hip hop entertainment. Do your research and discover just which label and artist manufactured this blastphomy of Hip Hop. The fans and media have bought it "hook & sinker" and thats just TWISTED sh&t!. Do your research how this happenned, why and when. There was a time of multiple queens, ALL pushing out product in their own lanes and we were RICH in female hip hop. Now its just "limited" choice and "twisted" ideas on what FEMALE hip-hop reps... sad as f&ck.

  • Confused

    CTG says that Nicki is Lebron. He definitely has that correct. I saw a video recently where CTG was saying that Nicki has an argument for being "The King of NY" due to her LAN, Danny Glover Remix and Chiraq songs. Now he is saying that she took the year off? I am confused. Nicki has been spitting fire on each song, remix and feature she puts out. It is not just how she spits it, but the change of pace and word-play that sets her ahead of any other female rapper.

    • Anonymous

      Dont get mad at the dude. Nicki is TRASH!!! Face IT!!

    • Confused

      "Nicki is trash. Everything she does is trash." Says the anonymous troll that probably works for Iggy. Fancy is only popular because of the "hook" and the "Clueless" movie concept. It is a cool video to watch with the sound turned off. Problems is popular because of Ariana Grande's vocals and her stunning appearance in the music video.

    • Harold Z

      Exactly. Charlemagne is dumb as fuck, cosigns ppl and then lowkey disses them. I mentioned before how during the BET awards he was thirsty as fuck and tweeted that what are the stans goona do when Iggy wins Best Female, but then after he's like, "Why the Barbz coming at me?" He's a hawk-face ass nigga... Nicki's fans need to recognize that Rosenberg respects Nicki more than Charlemagne's thirsty for attention ass

    • Anonymous

      Nicki is trash. Everything she does is trash.

  • Charred Remains The Blob

    Charlamagne is a simp, a mark and any other played out words. When is somebody gonna diss this chick and kill that? There needs to be governing body in hiphop that is not influenced by corporations. I'm mad I'm actually supporting Nicki, cuz she is a joke too, but at least still spitz barz. Nicki Vs Uggy - man Bahamadia is rolling over in her [hiphop] grave.

  • Anonymous

    Every record nicki put out this year flop only drake can save weezy n nicki

  • Andre

    "In addition to Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea, other artists included in the Best Female Hip Hop Artist category at this years BET Awards were Charli Baltimore, Eve, and Angel Haze." Damn, Charli Baltimore is still rapping?

  • Anonymous

    My man is kinda dumb and must ve been under a rock all year.. Chi-raq freestyle No Flex freestyle Danny Glover remix Pills and Potion Lookin Ass... If that's takin the year off id like to see what be current is..i cant hate on Iggy and have to give her credit the Fancy single is at 3 million and the Ariana Grande single is close to 3 mil but,can she sustain the relevancy for the next 5 years that's the question and while I would argue who's the best at this moment I can say that the fact that people are talking about her a lot is making Nicki take it back to win she first got on and shes really stepping her bars up like we haven't seen in a minute..

  • Mike Die Man

    It's not about Nicki vs. Iggy. Both of them suck! The real issue is how Iggy is using a fake accent and negative ebonics/images as a tool to seem authentic. Clear Channel and the culture thirsty media blew Iggy up and out of proportion. The future will prove that she was an over reach at best. She doesn't live up to the hype. She's a tool.

    • Harold Z

      Iggy is gonna be the next Asher Roth. Racist, One/two-hit max., the media will push them because they're white. Look at how they blew up twerking. Black people started it, and Miley did it and now everyone swears she invented that shit. Nicki Minaj gave the best explanation of this on Ellen a while back when Ellen asked her about why no one mentioned Nicki's twerking. Twerking smfh.

    • Anonymous

      Lamar and Star having been saying for awhile the Iggy is the white verison of Nicki and they want to replace her so they doing everything in there power to force her on people and blowing her up.....HELL the girl is in the movie FAST AND FURIOUS 7...Can this bitch even act ?

    • Anonymous

      that track Goddess goes

  • Boston hip hop fan

    I agree, Iggy should have won best Female Artist at the BET awards but it's all backstage politics. Because of the name Nicki's made for herself and crew she's with, of course BET would make the generic move and give it to her. But in all honesty, nobody really cares about a BET award. lmao

    • New York

      Fool, This isn't the Oscars. This was a RAP Award. RAP, NOT Best Supporting Actress. People from Boston always have a hidden agenda. They are either racists or oppressed from it. GTFOH!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Iggy is Australian but when she raps immediately flicks this switch and talks like she's from Alabama, just sounds awful, check out her "freestyle" on sway lmaoooo so bad, nicki owns this bitch to say the least

  • Anonymous

    lol @ "had a great year this year"

  • Anonymous

    at the end of the day, there aren't many open slots for female rappers. its essentially one spot light and when that one dope female is a hit, it's all hers. izzy's peoples capitalized on this, while nicki was on 'break' or working on more music.

  • 614grind

    One could argue that Nicki took the spot because Kim was on a break. Kim never got her spot back.

  • Anonymous

    This Negro is tripping talking about Nicki took the year off! Straight up tripping you fucking negro!

  • Anonymous

    This is really news now??

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