Ab-Soul Lists "7 Conspiracy Theories That Will Make You Question Everything"

BuzzFeed gives Ab-Soul the chance to make a list.

Ab-Soul recently revealed his list of "7 Conspiracy Theories That Will Make You Question Everything," a list he made for BuzzFeed

Here is a look at his theories: "The president is not actually the president;" "Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland;" "Spelling is a spell."

Regarding this theory, Ab-Soul explains how language is vital. “Hell-o," Ab-Soul says. "You greet people with hell. Be aware of spelling. You gotta think — language is self. Language is a survival tactic." 

Another theory Soulo shares is that "'Minority' is a disingenuous concept." 

“What race of people do you hear referred to as minorities?" he says. "Non-white people, Blacks and Hispanics. The ‘minorities.’ But they’re not in the minority." 

Soul also shares that "The word 'racism' is a tool for injustice," and that "UFOs have been identified." 

"UFOs," he says. "Unidentified Flying Objects, plural. I think they’ve been identified. We have a lot of reason to believe that NASA or the space intelligence is confidential. A lot of the pictures that you see have been photoshopped. If you’re into that, you can dig into that." 

Ab-Soul recently released his new album, These Days... The effort sold sold 21,812 units in its first week of availability, allowing the TDE emcee to fall into #11 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart

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  • fuccya

    There actually is a conspiracy. And its about conspiracy theories. It's about exaggregating, taking shit so far from reality that it sounds absurd, letting the stupid believe in that, so the normal people well they may laugh at it and never take this serious. Thats the best way for people with power to hide their real criminal shit in plain sight in my opinion. No reptilians or magic, just fucking snakes and dirty tricks.

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    Occam's Razor. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. The more complicated something gets, the less likely it's true. Conspiracy theories are the result of homo sapiens highly evolved penchant for pattern recognition trying to connect things that are unconnected. Read Carl Sagan's "The Demon-Haunted World" if you want to actually be enlightened. Youtube videos and blogs on conspiracies are just junk food for the mind.

    • Anonymous

      "based on the fact that nobody has fallen off the edge of the earth yet" this is all false propaganda.... my great great grandfather fell off the edge of the earth

    • iLL

      the earth being round was proven beyond doubt and is something based off of scientific analysis and empirical evidence based on the fact that nobody has fallen off the edge of the earth yet. people assumed the earth was flat because the tech wasn't around to prove otherwise and the earth seems flat from a human's point of view. Once enough research was done, there became ways to truly prove the earth was round. Now they're new conspiracy theories about flat earth lol

    • HUH

      Remember that they thought the Earth being round was a conspiracy theorized by people to brainwash other people....Now look Conspiracy theories are the result of the world owing people with unlimited funds and no proof of where it comes from, and people getting killed with no explanation. The funny thing is you referenced a man's perspective to shoot down another man's perspective. Your guilty of the same thing.

    • iLL

      Yep, then you got the hippies believing every youtube video they see, talking about "people are sheep, wake up, blah blah", thinking they're enlightened, when in reality... most of their "research" is bullshit because they'll never come up with a plan which will actually put all that conspiracy knowledge to practical use

    • Anonymous

      Your a fucking tool dude and part of the problem of society, everyone is so dumb and just believes whatever the news tells them. Really Bush was told about the 9/11 attacks while reading at a elementary and just kept reading after, don't u think if the attack was actually unexpected and unplanned that they would take the president to a secure place at that moment? No they left him where it was nationally known where he would be. Vietnam, Iraq were both false wars and really so was Afgahnistan if u think about it, where is Osamas body? Photos? Anything? Of course nottttttt, how about the missing Malaysian plane? Don't be surprised if there is another "terrorist hijacking attack" soon folks....

  • Anonymous

    language is a virus

  • HHp

    Don't be so freakin' paranoid Soul HELL-O probably came from the Dutch They say HALL-O...and hall ain't got shit to do with hell smh

  • Anonymous

    Um JFK assassination, 9/11, false wars (Iraq, Vietnam, almost Syria and Iran), Ukraine being run by modern nazis that the US backs because a least they can control them for now unlike normal Russians, how Lyme disease started in Conneticut near a Center for disease control, could go on for days, but if any to the things I mentioned you don't know much about, I suggest you dig if your interested, honestly only the stupid sheep people show no interest in such serious shit, the MOST GANGSTER thing anyone can do is be aware of what's going on

  • Anonymous

    Everyone has a conspiracy theory stage in their life. I remember when sandy hook was freaking me out with conspiracies.

    • Anonymous

      You were freaked out by that sandy hook story about a supposed hired shooter to take aways guns? Dude they still believe the govt is still gonna take all the guns, if anything people brought more guns and the shootings are still happening

    • HUH

      It's a stage, because people aren't actually strong enough to live by it, so they get caught up in the excitement and then it fades away.... No different with how niggas come out of jail all about GOD, then it just fades away as society sets in.

  • Anonymous

    Drugs? Maybe but minoritities are the majority worldwide, he aint totally off base with his talk

  • Anonymous

    I need a conspiracy theory for why These Days is so mediocre Souloho

    • Anonymous

      The track after just have fun is the best on the album and its just a snippet. why would u not make that a 4-5 minute track? baffles me.

  • yep

    dude needs to stop doing psychedelics and then going on youtube. silly shit.

    • HUH

      Nothing's wrong with Youtube, it's just that people's minds aren't ready for certain things.... They get so caught up emotionally that they start feeding it to everyone they bump into, not even researching beyond the hype..

    • Anonymous

      You guys said everything I was going to say.

    • Anonymous

      For real! I know a guy who does the same thing, he fills up my timeline with all these bogus videos about crop circles and shit.

  • Anonymous

    heard this cat on the radio the other day talkin about the universe, aliens and shit. he needs to lay off the drugs nah mean?

  • Anonymous

    Those 7 reasons will only make you ask questions if your a paranoid drug addict weirdo like he is. The rest of us have common sense.

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