Lord Jamar Reacts To Racist Justin Bieber Video

Lord Jamar says he has a problem with "Bieber's active participation in the fleecing of Black culture."

Lord Jamar responded yesterday (June 3) to a video of Justin Bieber that was released Sunday (June 1). In the video, the singer asks why Black people are afraid of chain saws and uses the N-word in his answer to his question. Someone in the clip can be heard asking him not to say it. 

"Fuck Justin Bieber's punk ass! That being said do I think he's a racist for some shit he said when he was 15? ...Not necessarily,” Lord Jamar tweeted yesterday.

The Brand Nubian rapper wrote in another tweet, "Imagine someone held u accountable for some dumb shit u said when u were 15?”

A third tweet said, "I have a bigger problem with Bieber's active participation in the fleecing of BLACK CULTURE than I do with some adolescent joke.”

Today (June 4), a new video of Bieber using the N-Word and singing about joining KKK was released.

In April, Lord Jamar said that Bieber is “leeching off Black music.”

“I ain’t even as mad at him as a lot people are,” Lord Jamar said of Bieber at the time. “He’s a little fuckin kid…Do you know how much of a fuckin asshole you’d be at 18, 19 with however many millions of dollars and bitches on ya dick and all that type of shit? Are you kidding me…What I’m saying is the little mothafucka is young. Look who he got around him. He got a bunch of fuckin yes-men and people who’s trying to leech off of shit. But then that in turn is like karma because he’s a leech. He’s leeching off black music. Like a lot of other white artists are doing. But listen to his whole sound. Listen to who he’s trying to appeal to and influence. He got that white fan base, but he’s making essentially black music.”

Lord Jamar’s tweets from yesterday are as follows:

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  • Jamarhater

    On Twitter talkin like a bitch. Real men don't tweet, Jamar.

  • Haha

    Why do Lord Jamar articles get so many hits and comments lol fuck HHDX for posting another Lord Jamar article

  • Anons

    So only black people are allowed to "nigga". That right there is racist! Only a certain race is allowed to say nikka, it is a motherlovin word! I am not defending the little nikka because he is a piece of smit. I am Native American, so i am a prairie nikka

  • Anonymous

    this n i 99 e r is more racist than Bieber.

  • Anonymous

    Blah blah blah, blah blah blah - Lord Jamar

  • Will Smith

    My daughter is a fucking whore & my son is gay, kill me now

  • Pharaoh

    Fuck Lord Jamar punk ass he's made countless racist songs the fucking hypocrite oh and Fuck Justin Bieber too, the joke fair enough, it's whatever but that second thing singing racist shit and talking KKK that shit went too far...

  • Anonymous

    The racist idiocy spewing out of Lord Jamar's mouth on a daily basis is ridiculous...

  • heilmae

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  • j

    I thought Lord Jamar would be mad but then I remembered how much of a racist he is sooooo racists stick together

  • Frank Knows

    Guess who started the "STOP SNITCHING" campaign? It wasn't GAME. It was a white guy. 1993: Canadian MC Snow gets the Stop Snitching movement started early with Informer.

    • Anonymous

      First Known Use: circa 1785 Its english...white people SHOULD have their own language on lock. The difference lies in how its said and the way its used. "you made it a hot line, i made it a hot song"

  • Frank Knows

    Keep calling it "black music", the first "rap" verse ever heard was on a BLONDIE song... Then there's the Beatie Boys in 1983. A white guy you may have heard of, Rick Ruben & Russel Simmons started Def Jam out of Ruben's dorm room... So the biggest label in Hip-Hop history was co-Founded and produced by a white guy. There's always been white people in Hip-Hop aside from the businessmen. Maybe black people just failed to accept white people into something they felt and considered their own. Which is called segregation. The exact same thing they've been fighting against for decades if not centuries. Proof: http://www.vulture.com/2009/04/these_are_heady_times_for.html

  • Anonymous


  • Justin Bieber

    Fuck Lord Jamal

  • Lord Jamar

    Fuck white people

  • Justin Daniels

    I agree with Lord Jamar. However, anyone who thinks Bieber is hip hop is dead wrong. The dude is straight pop! That's how he made his money. Now you got Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lil Wayne all jumping on his tracks for money! The people deserve an apology from Bieber. Stop judging different races.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Mr Jamar. Biebs needs to leave black culture alone and let black people keep their ignorance.

    • Anonymous

      It's sad but it seems like no one gives a fuck about somebody doing ignorant shit until a white person does it.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    he has less then 100 re-tweets on all that shit he said, which shows you how many people give a fuck about his opinion. DX just posts his shit up here as click bait to watch a couple people argue people argue, nobody really cares.

  • Fuck Outta Here

    Well, you can wrap up the day now, DX. Thank God we all now know how Lord Jamar feels about another white person.

  • Anonymous

    make an article about the JB racist graffiti he did back in brazil

  • Anonymous

    I wanna know what Lord jamar thinks of the G-Unit reunion?

  • wasd

    are we going to let this racist dirtbag attack this poor young brotha or are we going to stand up and defend him

  • 24

    Music is meant to be heard not saw so that means music has no colour FUCK JUSTIN BIEBER

    • Anonymous

      Music as well as people may not have color but they have culture. American music culture whether it be Elvis the beach boys or whoever has a tendency to imitate in order to duplicate the result. Sometimes trying to stretch something for mass appeal damages the art and the people listening to it.

  • thomas

    It's comments of this nature from jamar that keep us from progressing. Yes what Bieber did was wrong but to make the claim he is 'fleecing' off black music is disgusting. Isn't segregation something that the black panthers fought so bravely against? Stating that certain music is only for a particular group of people is no different to apartheid.it may sound extreme but he's fairly narrow minded for a self proclaimed lord. It gives the message to kids that isolation is necessary. The fact people are commenting their color in the comments is fucked up..as if you need to validate your origin to justify your opinion. Golf is a rich white man's game predominately..so should tiger Woods quit playing?

    • Anonymous

      wasd is one of those whites who be on here saying racial stuff he lulled y'all to sleep with that covert call for division

    • Anonymous

      if lord jamar is holding you back...jump!

    • Anonymous

      2 things, 1st Yes Tiger should quit golf & 2nd Drake is not a black person

    • thomas

      @wasd I appreciate your point and actually agree that certain groups will always have a natural tendency to congregate together. However you haven't really addressed my point at all. What I'm saying is it isn't right to claim that you cant pursue a certain route because of your color. Which is basically what the article gets at claiming he is doing 'black music's..I think it is wrong and a total regression..

    • Anonymous

      no one in the hood bumps eminem or drake.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ you right but most black people dont listen to drake. so just young girls and i dont know who the fuck else. white people probably.

    • Anonymous

      the same way that Drake is a black person who is playing the role of a white person pimping black music to young girls and black people. The exact opposite of Eminem but still multi-layered!

    • Anonymous

      Eminem is a white person who embodies the role of a ghetto person pimping black music to white people. That's multi-layered!!

    • wasd

      this isnt about biebz being white. this is about biebz being insincere. eminem has authenticity that bieber and macklemore do not, in the execution of their art. so he gets very little of the hate that they do for being "white". drake is an example of a black person who lacks the authenticity and sincerity in the execution of his own peoples music. you can delude yourself with this bullshit utopian fantasy all you like but group identity and individuality always has and always will exist. you cannot break up the group and make it fit a "norm" that only you subscribe to. the names may change but there will always be a group A and a group B. a person from B cannot represent group A without a stamp of authenticity. it has nothing to do with segregation. that's a logical fallacy.

  • Anonymous

    For once I actually agree with Lord Jamar.

  • Anonymous

    Exhaustive list of people who give a fuck about what Lord Jamar thinks or says now, in the past, and in the future for all of space-time and every plane of existence possible, ever: That concludes the list.

  • Mack

    And there he is again... The spokesperson for all of hip hop, huh. Is it payola or what HHDX?

  • Chris


    • Hoodgrown

      ..and just what type of nigga speaks on another man's balls? The little weirdo computer niggas seem to run the comments on HipHopDx. Damn shame.

  • Anonymous

    Bieber is making black music? lol

  • MRSK

    He is 100% correct has always happened historically and always will. They love the culture..but hate the people..and want to skin us and make coats. Just as big booties are all the rage ...they put Hottentot Venus in a cage and wore dresses that made themselves look like they had junk in their trunks. Keeps happening...and always will.

    • wasd

      cuz they cant imitate the culture when the genuine article is standing there making them look obsolete. it's obvious

  • Tommy Boy

    im white as fuck and i agree completely with this

  • Anonymous

    You can find Bugatti Biebs overseas on stage while Rick Ross c00ns it up and lets him butcher 2Pac songs,...

  • Todos

    This dude is dumb as rocks

  • Anonymous

    Is Bieber a racist for saying some crazy shit at 15? Probably not. He is a just a dumb ass kid who earned way too much money way too quickly.

    • fuccya

      "the weirdo from florida" lol

    • Anonymous

      what's "duck dynasty"

    • Anonymous

      it's not an isolated incident by some knucklehead kid look at sterling, the farmer in nevada, the weirdo from florida, the guy from duck dynasty, the politicians, the fired chef chick, the fired cop boss in new hampshire, the media smear campaigns, the racist hockey player tweets, the racist actress tweets all this year, most just recent, and it's only june.....

  • Anonymous

    if ppl didnt give a shit about another persons skin tone and colour so much world would be a better place

  • Anonymous

    lord jamar is real on this one

  • Tha Homie in His Basement

    What I learn most about white people from reading these mostly white comments, is that they have a massive superiority complex. They're very self righteous and think they're somehow "above" the things a lot of 'black people' choose to rap about. "How dare they talk about the struggles they had to deal with at the hands of white people, how dare they rap from the perspective a person from a white created ghetto, how dare they rap about having a better life after being deprived of anything and everything their whole lives. They should act like hipsters or pick up a dictionary and use big words to impress us. We control this shit and we should dictate what they do, even though they invented and we're just guests" lol That's what you guys sound like to me. White people have forgotten that they're just guests in our house. They have gotten WAAYYYY to bold and comfortable with this shit, look at these comments. They're no longer just buying rappers music for what it is, or accepting it... They actually think they can control it. They feel entitled to our music, as if it's the natural order of the world for them to take what we have. It's kind of unbelievable to me. It's articles like this that remind me why I don't have any white friends!

    • Anonymous

      cool story bro

    • SMH

      "The homie in his basement" Maybe whites should not accept black people in our white culture and all white related stuff.Maybe we should dictate what blacks do. Because black people have become too comfortable in the things us white people started (Which is basically everything aside from hiphop and a few things)... That's how stupid you sound, The idiots like you and this retard Jamar are what are holding your race back. You are shitting right on what your people have accomplished over decades to try and be equal with white people. You are seperating races and after you are the first idiots to cry racism whenever something happens. Thats how you sound dumb fuck

    • Anonymous

      "What I learn most about white people from reading these mostly white comments, is that they have a massive superiority complex." *reads White person's comment* Yep, I guess OP is right.

    • White person

      Dude, shut the fuck up. White people have been a part of hip hop since the beginning of the genre, most notably Rick Robin and the Beastie Boys. You think because you listen to rap music and you have black skin you 'own' the music genre, get the fuck out of here. I've been listening to hip-hop since I was 15, I'm now 31. Hip hop has been a part of my life longer than it hasn't been a part of my life. What, you're telling me because I'm white hip-hop is off limits to me or something? Just reading your bullshit writing shows your ignorance. 'They're no longer just buying rappers music for what it is, they think they can control it." Wake up call fool, white people DO own it. Do a search for me.. "Lyon Cohen, Jimmy Iovine, Michael Rapino". These are three WHITE men, that own the genre. Yes, THEY OWN IT. The only hope for the revival of the genre is to stop signing to these fools and go the independent route like 50, Talib Kweli and Tyler the Creator..

  • Yoruboy

    Lord jamar is a real black man!!!!!!!!!! All those slaves following this little shitty son of a bitch bieber are going to hell!!!!!! It's not only about money but about self respect Long live lord jamar

  • Heru

    The God Strikes Again!!

  • Anonymous

    "and you're not black, you're dog shit brown" ^ this is one of those hhdx "justins", who says it's a joke, why can't he say n!gg3r, he's young, you don't have a sense of humor unless you've said a racist joke but is under a lord jamar thread typing racist remarks

  • IROC

    Really a spade is a spade

  • Anonymous


  • WhyAreWhitePeopleRacist?

    I reckon Donald Sterling is behind this. He wants us to forget about his own racist tape by showing that all white people are born racist and that he is not the only one.

    • Anonymous

      "actually, everyone is xenophobic to some extent" Lol fuck outta here nigga, don't try to put that shit on me

    • Anonymous

      actually, everyone is xenophobic to some extent, its a natural thing, people have done it since the beginning of man kind, its the same principle as beefing with another "sort of people", for example, west coast vs east coast or Hip hop vs Rock, you make other people seem weird to make your own team spirit stronger, although in this particular event i think its more because of the fact that its a taboo for white people to say it, hence making it more exciting to say it in front of a small group of trustable people, ive heard this joking being told a million times from everyone around me, blacks, whites, arabs, jews, latinos, its a well known joke, and really, none of you should really be surprised that he used a word thats been glamourised by the culture hes making a living out of, all people of all races say these kind of things, but it would be nice to see this ruining his career though

  • Ink B

    How is this racist ? this nigga said some shit when he was 12 so I'll give this one a pass and btw fuck all yall hoe ass niggas gettin ya panties up in a bunch for this shit

  • Anonymous

    Let the GOD speak!

  • nev750

    Can somebody tell me why the hell Hiphopdx all of a sudden cares what Lord Jamar has to say so much? They got on this same kick with Shyne until people stopped finding him interesting. Look hiphopdx editors...Stop finding a new lightning rod dick to ride every six months. Lord Jamar is not the ambassador of black people. Every time somebody says something racist we all don't turn around and look at Lord Jamar. This is a hip hop website....What the fuck are we so concerned about Bieber for anyway?

  • Anonymous

    "Are u a nasty person because u use to shit ur diapers as a baby? No, of course not. Change is constant & inevitable in ALL THINGS" Lol exactly

  • Anonymous

    "Fleecing"? This nigga tryna be 50 Cent lol

  • buck the devil

    White people killed hip hop

    • White person

      Yeah, but the problem is, you're blaming the wrong white people. You're blaming the high school aged white kid that's on this site that's probably broker than you and not the "Lyon Cohen, Jimmy Iovine, Michael Rapino" of the world, that really are killing hip hop. And this is because they make the decisions. About what the singles are, what you hear on the radio, what the videos going to be like. Don't bunch all white people together, you sound like the racist you're suppose to be condemning.

    • Anonymous

      you killed it buck the devil:

    • Anonymous

      WORD! I AGREE ^^

    • Yuf

      Stupid, uneducated, black people killed hip hop.

  • eric

    dx stays posting shit lord jamar says....WHO THE FUCK CARES BOUT WHAT THIS DUDE THINKS!?!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar is a sad, bitter old has been.

  • Anonymous

    Stop giving this has-been a platform. Brand Nubian were dope but they're long gone and he was the most insignificant member. He needs to shut up.

  • Jamar is Wack

    Leeching off black music? This guy sounds like his mind is stuck in the 80's. Get with the times old man. The best golfer is black, and the best rapper is white. Get over it.

  • Jack Inoff

    "Lord Jamar says he has a problem with "Bieber's active participation in the fleecing of Black culture."... Jamar has a problem with anything white, anyone white. Bieber is a little skidmark shit stain for his comments and actions, but Jamar is worse.

  • SMDH

    again. You can always leave it to lord jamar to take a racist situation and make it even more racist. white people making black music? pleease, this dude... he wont shut up about white people stealing black music. Not every black dude can rap or sing rnb. STFU.

  • Anonymous

    I mean, half of what he said was really sensible, but then he goes back into cartoon mode


    "Lord Jamar will live long, cause I give strong blows to the heads of my foes!" (Brand Nubian- "Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down")

  • Verbal Tim

    Lord Bitch has spoken. Thank you Lord Bitch. You are my main bitch and I jerk my cock on brand nubian tapes all day.

    • Anonymous

      I like how you changed "Jamar" to "bitch". Easily the most clever play on words the internet has ever seen.

  • Anonymous

    and just like that... hiphopdx got another check for $8.63

  • lol

    my thing is though.. how does bieber leach off black culture.. sure he acts black. but he dresses in tight white cloths, sings ect ect.. if anything the ppl around him r leaching off him on pop music.

  • Anonymous

    Jamar is a legendary rapper and actor.

  • OUCH!

    The "Lord" has spoken. LOL!

  • Anonymous

    honestly coming from a neutral perspective lord jamar always keeps it real and tells it like it is. People may get offended and insult him but he keeps it real all the time.

  • Anonymous

    I knew this was coming. Didn't even need to call Ms Cleo to predict this would happen.

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